Treachery on the Mud Dome (Garuda)

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Mission Summary

Part 1

  • Stardate 239106

The crew of the USS Garuda, including the surprise return of a younger Aron Kells, were busy working to save the population of the city of Bocasa. This city, the largest settlement of the Eth race on the planet Pleethion, was about to be engulfed by an unstable, volcanic mud dome.

One away team, under XO Commander Ross, was assigned to monitor the mud dome and investigate methods to stop its eruption. What no one could expect was that Commander Ross would turn rogue, kidnap Captain Reynolds, and abandon the rest of the team next to the dome. To compound his treachery, he had laid explosives aboard the USS Garuda to hinder their pursuit of him in a stolen shuttlecraft. Fortunately, Lieutenant Delano’s force shields prevented a lot of the damage to the ship.

Meanwhile, another team, led by Lt. Cmdr. Calderan, was tasked with helping with the evacuation of Bocasa. However, they were surrounded and captured by Eth zealots who resented their presence on the planet. They were being taken to be sacrificed to the deity Sirilis, but they were rescued at the last minute as the Garuda restored its sabotaged transporter systems and beamed them back safely. The mud dome away team were likewise rescued, but not before Lt. Cmdr. Alleran Tan got a limpet mine painfully embedded into his leg.

With the crew reassembled, the engineers and scientists on the Garuda worked to develop a plan to dehydrate the Mud Dome and save Bocasa, before beginning their pursuit of the wayward Harrison Ross and his captive, Capt. Quinn Reynolds.

Part 2

  • Stardate 239107

The booby traps planted on the USS Garuda, some of which had exploded, were found to be Cardassian in origin. However, the crew did not have time to ponder this discovery for long as they needed to use the ship's phasers to dehydrate an unstable volcanic mud dome that threatened to engulf the alien Eths' city of Bocasa.

With this threat neutralized but the Garuda herself disabled by Ross, Captain Cassandra Egan Manno asked for volunteers to go with her in shuttles after Commander Ross, who had kidnapped Captain Quinn Reynolds and abandoned his team mates. Meanwhile back on the Garuda, security footage revealed that chief engineer Roshanara Rahman had played a part in allowing the sabotage to happen by purposefully disabling vital security systems. Upon being confronted with the evidence, Rahman relieved herself of duty without protest to await formal arrest once the captain and the others returned.

Ross was eventually tracked down, and Reynolds was rescued but not before she had undergone terrible physical and mental torture at Ross' hands. Ross managed to evade capture, and so the crew returned to their base at Deep Space 10 for some quiet shore leave and reflection. However, when they arrived they found out that the Federation had given joint control of the station to the Cardassians. Was this an olive branch for peace, or a partnership of peril?