The Taint of Sanctuary (Mercury)

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The Menthar Corridor Saga
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Mission Summary

  • Stardate 238903

Continuing in their exploration of the Menthar Corridor, the Mercury discovered a concealed trading post under the ownership of the Ferengi entrepreneur Tol and his cousin Golt. Accepting an invitation to board the station, Captain Tallis Rhul led an away team comprised of members of the Mercury’s senior staff to take a tour and partake of a free meal. When it became apparent that the station, known as the Menthar Anchorage, left quite a lot to be desired from a hygeine standpoint, concerns mounted. It rapidly became obvious that the area that the away team had beamed into, initially thought to be safe, was infested with rats and fleas, and with Captain Tallis suddenly taken ill, the away team returned to the ship.

The Aldebaran Lunar Plague, a mutation of an influenza virus that escaped detection by the Mercury‘s biofilters, spread throughout the Anchorage and Mercury, while behind the scenes, Golt fought his culpability for allowing the rats to escape. His plans to extract their musk for resale and his enthusiasm for the potential profit had led to a lack of precautions in keeping his ‘merchandise’ secure.

With the crew’s health deteriorating to critical levels, Lieutenants Saveron and Ba'Eli battled to find a cure while Lieutenant Commanders Hannibal Parker and Arden Cain coordinated a clean-up attempt. With a cure found in the nick of time, the crew took time to convalesce.