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Ketar V is a Federation colony and a member of the Colonial Coalition. It is the oldest colony in the Coalition.


Ketar V

People say Ketar V was once the jewel of the region, but no one who actually would have seen the colony in its heyday is still alive. When the Mother Road was discovered at the turn of the century, Ketar V was effectively bypassed by merchants and traders as it was faster and safer to stay on the route onward to the next colony in the Colonial Coalition, Meridian. Since then, there have been countless turnaround plans and talk of renewal as its population continues to decline every year. Still, Ketar V remains on the map as the second largest colony in the Coalition because of the shipyards that employ tens of thousands. They were constructed here long before the Mother Road and keep the local economy going. Nearly all of the civilian ships constructed in the Coalition come from Ketar V. The outreach of Ketar's construction reaches out far past the Shoals, however, as these civilian vessels are also used outside the Shoals, one having even been seen outside of Federation space and in active use.[1]

Because of it's place away from the Mother Road and subsequent long distance away from fellow Colonial Coalition colonies, Ketar V is considered the safest place in the Shoals.[2]

After the destruction of Romulus and Remus by the Hobus supernova in 2387, Romulan and Reman refugees were settled into the Shoals, including on Ketar V. By 2396, a modest but growing community had been established, with the first Romulan representative elected to serve within the colony's government that year.

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