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Ketar V is a Federation colony and a member of the Colonial Coalition. It is the oldest colony in the Coalition, and located in the Roxburgh Sector of the Shoals.[1]


Ketar V

People say Ketar V was once the jewel of the region, but no one who actually would have seen the colony in its heyday is still alive. When the Mother Road was discovered at the turn of the century, Ketar V was effectively bypassed by merchants and traders as it was faster and safer to stay on the route onward to the next colony in the Colonial Coalition, Meridian. Since then, there have been countless turnaround plans and talk of renewal as its population continues to decline every year.

Still, Ketar V remains on the map as the second largest colony in the Coalition because of the shipyards that employ tens of thousands. They were constructed here long before the Mother Road and keep the local economy going. Nearly all of the civilian ships constructed in the Coalition come from Ketar V. The outreach of Ketar's construction reaches out far past the Shoals, however, as these civilian vessels are also used outside the Shoals, one having even been seen outside of Federation space and in active use.[2]

Because of it's place away from the Mother Road and subsequent long distance away from fellow Colonial Coalition colonies, Ketar V is considered the safest place in the Shoals.[3]

After the destruction of Romulus and Remus by the Hobus supernova in 2387, Romulan and Reman refugees were settled into the Shoals, including on Ketar V. By 2396, a modest but growing community had been established, and that year Tessara was elected as the first Romulan representative to serve within the colony's government.

Major Civil Rights Reforms and a New Path to Renewal

In early 2397, Federation Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu visited Ketar to help mediate talks between the Romulan/Reman refugees, represented by Tessara, and the colony's original settler population. Tensions had risen to dangerous levels between the two groups (including a raid in a Romulan district by the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service that inflamed into a near riot), but ultimately, Secretary Ventu was able to build an accord between both sides. Major legislation was passed to address inequalities and discrimination the refugees faced, and for the first time in nearly a century, the best days of Ketar lay ahead in its future and not behind in its past.

Known settlements

Centennial City[4]

A settlement first founded to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the arrival of the planet’s first colony ship. The city is built on a high plateau that overlooks a valley to the west and is shadowed by a tall mountain range to the east. A section of the city, called "Romulan Town," is populated almost entirely by Romulan refugees. The city's main hospital is the Centennial City General Hospital (CCGH).[5]

Livernois Shipyards

One of the largest shipyards on the planet that employs thousands, the shipyards on the outskirts of Centennial city could be considered a settlement in it's own right. It is bustling with activity during change of shifts. The multi-level Administrative Offices of the shipyard is housed in a large building. Across from the building is "Welder's Diner", a well known burger restaurant that claims to be the "home to the Shoals' best burgers"[6]. It was also the location where three Starfleet officers were arrested (and subsequently cleared) after they tried to break up a fight between locals.[7]


The administrative capital of Ketar V. Once a cultural center of the Shoals, and sometimes called the "City of the Future," the city is now is a state of decay. The Ketar Medical Center, one of the city's largest buildings, is located here.


Fire river of Lakosha

The Lakosha Fire River is a rocky formation with a lava river that comes from the mountains to enter a subterranean cave system. The place is about sixty kilometers from Centennial city to the south east.

First Colony Forest

A forest located 100 kilometers from Centennial City. The "Rākauaraka" trees in the forest are mostly green with a tinge of orange, and stand over 30 metres high. From their roots grow out smaller trees around 5 metres each, on different angles to try and get their share of sunlight. A fourteen kilometer long graded path runs between "Centennial Lake" and the uphill "Chain of Streams" forest landmarks. Located along the path towards Chain of Streams is a cliff that is perfectly smooth and has a glittery purple glow.[9] The forest is home to the Ketarian Panda. They are nothing like pandas on Earth, even though they look like miniature orange versions of them. They are very shy and can be tricky to spot. Ketarian Pandas eats roots and leaves. The ship building yards have seen the panda’s numbers reduce dramatically.[10]

Restaurants and Bars/Pubs

  • The Settler’s Arms: A venue that pays tribute to the 21st Century Pubs on Earth. It had been designed to hold that classic pub feeling whilst still keeping up to date with the up and coming drinks. The menu is filled with traditional Lagers, Ales, Bitters and Stouts typical of a 21st Century Pub alongside the cocktails and then the New World section filled with new Spirits and drinks from other planets and more modern tastes.[11]
  • The Singing Shoals: A quiet Karaoke bar that has low patronage. Most of the few people that do visit The Singing Shoals never get up to sing themselves. It is currently managed by a Vulcan named Serran. The music is powered by a “K-Art-Int-oke” device, an ageing computer system designed to play Karaoke music and control the accompanying transparent holographic projection devices.[12]
  • The Explosive Decompression: A three story building located in Opportunity houses this notorious nightclub. It is nestled between a Thai noodle house and a ramshackle sub-space communications station. Holographic advertising is splashed across the front of all three buildings. The holograms advertise the promise of exotic companionship and the cheapest alcohol in 12 parsecs. Some patrons have claimed that the venue smells of stale alcohol upon entry. It has a dark entry way that is usually manned by Nausicaan security personnel, and a cover charge is required to enter the venue. Inside, the walls and rafters are furnished in Bricka-brack and Trinkets from around the sector. On the right side of the room is an authentic cherba wood bar running 10 meters down the wall, with hundreds of bottles of colored liquids line four shelves behind the bar. It is a popular venue to watch live sporting events. In the back of the room is a stage that hosts various type of bands such as Andorian Thrash bands. A set of stairs wraps over the stage leading to the second level, where a balcony overlooks the stage.[13] The bar is known as a haven for fights, and the CCMS are called upon regularly[14][15][16]. Famously, the dead body of Starfleet officer Lieutenant Commander Armin Illanos was found in an alleyway adjacent to the building, near the staff entrance.[17][18]
  • The Crowded Star: An expensive fine dining restaurant specializing in poultry dishes that struggles for repeat patronage. It was originally opened by Chef Jock Donovan who mysteriously disappeared, until it was found later that he was working for Henley Marths on the SS Wildfire.[19] The ultimate fate of Chef Donovan is unknown.
  • The Republic Arms: Upmarket nightclub that hosts live jazz bands. It has a quiet relaxed feel to it which helps everyone unwind after the stress filled days of Ketar. The floor immediately in front of the low stage is set up as a dance floor which is ringed by tables that separates the floor from the booths along the wall and the bar opposite the stage. There is also a gantry above where there were more tables overlooking the dance floor and stage.

Liquor Licensing Laws

Ketar V licensing laws state that legal drinking age is 18, but a person between the age of 18 and 21 must be accompanied by someone aged 21 or above. If not, the owner or an employee of an establishment that serves alcohol is required to contact the person's parent or legal guardian. Failing that, the establishment is required to contact the CCMS, who will then detain them until they are able to contact a parent or legal guardian.

The law was passed in 2362. In that year, it was found that many shipyard workers aged 18 to 21 were found to have been underpaid by Livernois shipyards, to the tune of 35%. When the shipyards were ordered to pay the workers the correct amount, which included years of back pay to most, it was "party time" on Ketar V for those in that age bracket. The local entertainment industry experienced a surge, and subsequently so did the local law enforcement industry. In a knee jerk reaction, politicians tried to raise the legal drinking age to 21 to combat the "youth led civil disorder". When it became apparent that some of those politicians would face electoral wipe-out if that law was passed, the proposed law was amended to state that anyone aged 18 to 20 Earth years, 364 Earth days had to be accompanied by someone aged 21 Earth years or over. The laws didn’t stop the drunken related trouble. In fact, it made it worse – groups became bigger as they were accompanied by their older friends, which meant more people were getting drunk, which led to more bar brawls, increased hospital emergency department admissions, and the need for more CCMS resources. However, politicians passed a law that gave the perception that they were doing something to control the "troublesome youth" of the planet, a move which proved popular with older voters in the following election.

The laws were seldom enforced and ignored by most inhabitants of Ketar V.[20]

Notable Residents

  • Raoul Livernois: Owner and manager of the Livernois Shipyards.
  • Henley Marths: Notorious pirate who was arrested in his teens on assault charges.
  • Jock Donovan: Former Chef and Owner of The Crowded Star restuarant.

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