Cobalt Clan

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The Cobalt Clan is a powerful Andorian-led criminal organization based on Donova IV. The current head of the organization is Sokarn zh'Kuujn.

Sometimes described as an Andorian mafia and referred to informally as The Administration, the Cobalt Clan is attributed with running most, if not all smuggling activities and other organized criminal enterprises on Donova.[1]

Based away from the Mother Road, Donova IV was a haven for criminal activity, rife with human-led groups. However, by the 24th century, the Cobalt Clan was able to successfully and permanently establish itself as the largest criminal organization in the area through intense political calculation. Through corruption and bribery, they gained control of a series of governing administrations and are now considered responsible for the colony's basic needs, upkeep, and security.

Lin Xiao, chief of staff for Donova IV's governor, suggests the Cobalt Clan are also responsible for Donova's renowned educational sector — and also the planet's peace and quiet, safe from petty crime.[2]


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