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Antor II is a Federation colony and a member of the Colonial Coalition. It is the capital of the Coalition, located in the Wuagyl Sector.[1]


Antor II

The third largest colony by population, Antor II is still recovering from a series of earthquakes that decimated its infrastructure. Although proclaimed as the capital of the Coalition, Antor II actually has very little sway over the affairs of the other colonies, and the Coalition itself is more of a united voice for the colonies dealings with the larger Federation or other foreign powers than it is a true governing body for its members.

The USS Veritas arrives at Antor II in 2394 to assist with recovery efforts following a series of ground quakes. An explosion caused by terrorists in possession of a Starfleet tricobolt device destroys the Jade Dragon's Casino in New Macau, and a secondary explosion results in the numerous deaths of first responders. Veritas staff are then dispatched to assist in rescue and recovery as engineers work to assess the damage done to the weakened city dome. A third explosion collapses an entrance to a series of mines being scouted by Veritas crew, closing a possible evacuation location for civilians. The Kos'karii led by Klingon pirate Jilor claim responsibility for the attack.

Governor Blackhurst arrives on Veritas to deliver a speech to the people of Antor the Colonial Coalition regarding the events, cut before the speech could begin, Veritas is targeted by a coordinated internal and external attack. Internally, several of the injured colonists Veritas had been treating turned out to be plants, who had been in the process of sabotaging the ship. Externally, three small ships decloak and target the ship's torpedo magazine. Fortunately, the sabotage was detected in time to prevent catastrophic damage, and the attackers were subdued.[2]

Rajel Tutoatasi gives a public address about his challenge for the position of Governor of Antor II in hopes to reaffirm the planet's position as capital of the Colonial Coalition, claiming that the political situation of the Shoals is not of benefit to the colony worlds. Representatives of both Meridian and Karakka were claimed to share Tutoastasi's view.[3]

When reports of pirate attacks emerge along the Widowmaker Trail with no Starfleet vessel available to assist, Tutoatasi gives another public address condeming the lack of suitable Starfleet precense, and contacts the Klingon Empire for better security. Tutoatasi calls for the unification of the Shoals, and for the seven colonies to seek independence from the Federation.[4]

New Leadership under Governor Tutoatasi

After the elections where Tutoatasi was elected as new governor of Antor II, he dedicated his first months to repair the damage to the habitat domes and improve the habitants' life, concentrating the planets' efforts on that. Governor Tutoatasi also negotiated with the Klingon Empire, resulting in increasing visits of Klingon ships, providing security and industrial replicators in exchange for some diplomatic and economic presence on the planet, making the Klingons become a source of trade outside of the Shoals, through their colonies next to Karakka, that had seen an increase of activity as of the new relationship with the Colonial Coalition capital improved.

Thanks to the assistance of the Klingons and the increased economic activity, the planet's major commercial areas were revitalized, including the reconstruction of the Jade Dragon's Casino. Security arrangements provided by the Klingons have also helped combat piracy as pirate crews became wary of attacking ships too close to Antor that might trigger a counterattack from a cloaked bird-of-prey.

Governor Tutoatasi has used his platform to discuss his wider vision of the entire Colonial Coalition declaring independence from the Federation, which has been met with mixed reaction. Some colonies such as Meridian are firmly against secession, but there are others who are receptive to the conversation at the very least. In 2398, the USS Veritas returned to Antor II to deliver Jansen Orrey, an envoy of the Federation Diplomatic Corps, for a meeting with Governor Tutoatasi. The Starfleet cruiser would also provide any assistance for the colonists while there.

Planetary information

Antor II possesses an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere like most M class planets, but its atmosphere is thin, equivalent to Earth in some of its highest mountain ranges. Most humanoids who are not acclimatized to thin atmospheres will experience altitude sickness quickly without supplemental oxygen, and find physical activity difficult and intensely draining.


Antor II is home to the native Antorian Drake Scorpion.[5]


  • Kos General Hospital is one of the largest hospitals on Antor II. It serves as a central hub to much of the healthcare in the area.
  • Tau Ceta Mines is one of the largest mining facilities on Antor II. However, it has been the site of more than a few industrial accidents and pandemics.
  • Russel River Mines is the ninth largest mining facility on Antor II, located on the southern continent in the Rahnor Delta. Nearby is the deep oblique fault - the Pataki Fault. As of 2398, it was nearing just over 3 kilometers deep[6]
  • Eolian Mesa Mine is the deepest mining facility on Antor II as of 2398.[6]

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