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The Shoals
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The Reya-Laialara (Vulcan for "River of Harmony") are a group of Vulcans who believe that emotion is at least as important as logic when it comes to understanding the universe and one's place within it. The Reya-Laialara were originally an offshoot of Sybok and his followers. The group are led by elders who founded a settlement in the Shoals about a century ago. Like the V'tosh ka'tur and other followers of alternative Vulcan teachings, they embrace emotions like fear, passion, and anger but believe that feeling and expressing emotion does not mean one has to be a slave to it. Logic, they say, can be used to guide the river, rather than dam it. Over time, the settlement grew to include the founder's children and grandchildren, as well as other followers of this philosophy (including a few dozen aliens from all over the quadrant).

In the mid 24th century, a group of Spock's Reunification followers made contact with the colony and convinced them to offer shelter to sympathetic Romulans who would not be welcome on either Vulcan or Romulus. In the years since, the once small, isolated, and quiet community has grown to include several thousand Romulans and other races that live within the Romulan Star Empire. Many of these refugees are considered criminals and terrorists by various governments, and as a result, the settlement has attracted the attention of Federation Security as well. As such, the community has remained notoriously insular and even the exact location of their main settlement, the Seheik Settlement, somewhere in the Shadows, remains unknown to outsiders.

Known Associates

  • Berunus: Betazoid/Vulcan hybrid. Sheriff of Seheik Settlement.[1]
  • Commander Evan Delano: Starfleet officer. Formerly the deputy sheriff of the settlement.
  • Karote: Vulcan member of the Elder's Council.
  • Koleen: A former member of the Romulan military, current administrator of Seheik Starport.[2]
  • Saj: A young Romulan refugee.[3]
  • Sasori: A part-terran, part-Vulcan bartender at The Nomad.


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