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Shadow's Edge is a Federation colony world located in the Bajak Laut Sector, and a member of the Colonial Coalition. Established as the fifth colony in the Shoals[1], Shadow's Edge is the smallest colony of the Coalition. Its governor is Theo Giannakos.


Shadows Edge

After a tour of Meridian space, the USS Veritas moved on to Shadow's Edge in 2393, where the crew worked closely with the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service on the ground. During this time, the Veritas came across no "strange" anomalies, the area being a fairly standard region of spacial operation.[2]

However, tragedy strikes as their captain, Rosa Carrero, is killed, resulting in a crew transfer to Roshanara Rahman as they begin to investigate Carrero's death. Rahman insists on locating Evan Delano on a remote part of the colony world in hopes of locating those responsible, and though they are successful, a new crew member is lost to a Draaf.[3]

The Starfleet Rangers assign Sky Blake to Shadow's Edge to work closely with the head of the region's Marshals, Benjin Ranjoes. She returns to the Veritas almost two months later, however, when she discovers corruption within the Marshal ranks of Pinator Bay, and attempts to pursue two persons connected to the corruption following the destruction of a pirate vessel (and it's crew) in a planet space dock - an incident not widely reported to the rest of the colony for some unknown reason.

Planetary information

Akin to a modern day Tortuga, Shadow's Edge is known as a location for black market goods, piracy, and deals that never see the light of day. While officially the colony was formed from exploration and resources gathered from the nearby Shadows, few pure hearted individuals arrive in Shadow's Edge, and fewer leave. The planet itself is a garden planet, one that would rival Risa were other hands in control, and is also known for the large and vicious carnivores that roam its jungles.

One such carnivore is the Draaf, a furred creature with six eyes, rows of razer-sharp teeth, six-inch claws.

Known settlements

  • Edria City[4]
    • The largest city on Shadow's Edge that also serves as its capital. The governor's residence is located here, and the city has an air of grandeur to it, unlike the rest of the planet that still feels mostly untamed. Edria's skyline features grand spires and towering skyscrapers set against a gorgeous tropical sky. There are bustling transporter hubs, beautiful public parks, and incredible displays of sculpture and other art.
  • Cakapunnual[1]
    • A brand new, tiny research settlement far away from the main population of the planet, surrounded by dense jungle, not to mention precariously placed by a cliff edge. It is populated by approximately twenty to thirty people, all intent on discovering more about Shadow's Edge.
  • Drosera[5]
    • Home to a group of salvagers who make their living by recovering scrap - and anything else they can salvage - from the Shadows. Unofficially, the place is a safe harbor for a gang of pirates calling themselves the Shadow's Teeth.
  • Pinator Bay[6]
    • Populated by only a few hundred people, Pinator Bay is considered a rest spot for passing ships. It is built around a land-based ship dock, but is considered somewhat isolated from other settlements on Shadow's Edge.

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