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Located within close proximity of the Zakdorn system, Deep Space 6 lies on the very edge of the largest portion of Federation space. Formerly responsible for administration for a relatively small number of systems in the region of the Federation's territory that lies closest to the galactic core, in 2390 the station has now been given partial responsibility for overseeing activity in the Zeta Gelis Region in conjunction with the USS Vigilant. The station was readied and prepared to serve as a place where the Vigilant's crew can resupply the ship, file mission reports and take shore leave in a more secure area of space. Later in 2391 another ship, the USS Darwin-A was launched, doubling the stations workload and fortifying Federation presence in the area until both ships were later decommissioned.

In 2392 in response to the crisis at Prometheus Station, the USS Darwin was immediately recommissioned in the Zeta Gelis region under the command of Commander Renos. While Starfleet had been looking to reestablish a stronger presence in the area—a region ripe with potential for scientific discovery and exploration—for some time, a distress call from a Starfleet survey vessel being pulled into an unidentified phenomenon prompted an emergency response. With fears that the phenomenon was the latest complication of the Prometheus Incident and the role of the mysterious Zalkonians undetermined, Starfleet tasked Commander Renos to assemble a team of officers from across the fleet.

Crew assigned to Deep Space Six are informally known as Deep Sixers. To be assigned to Deep Space Six is, informally and jokingly, to be 'deep-sixed.'

Deep Space Six

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