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The Consortium

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The Consortium
Organization Data
Affiliation Neutral
No. of Members Unknown
Leadership Style Corporation
Leader(s) Dr Richardson
Established Unknown
Purpose(s) Commerce


The Consortium is a corporate conglomerate that was originally based in the Alpha Quadrant but relocated to Burellion in the Par'tha Expanse late in 2393. It is chiefly known for its pharmaceutical and heavy machinery divisions, and it produces goods for profits. It operates under a charter that conforms to numerous interstellar laws, such as the Ferengi Trade By-laws. It sells its goods to Federation aligned and neutral worlds, though recent developments have brought possibilities to light of illicit sales of arms and bioweaponry to prohibited entities.

The Consortium’s possible illegal shadow operations have come to light recently in two high-profile events. On Stardate 239206, an unknown ship was implicit in the use of terrorism and biological weaponry on the Federation world of Zakdorn. The same vessel employed agents of espionage to sabotage the USS Darwin, NCC 99312-A, and captured and tortured its commanding officer, Captain Renos. On Stardate 239209, the same vessel stole a Quantum Slipstream Drive from a Starfleet vessel docked at Starbase 185. Though recovered, it is surmised that The Consortium was able to create a working prototype based off the stolen Starfleet technology.

The vessel involved is believed to be a part of the fleet that comprises The Consortium’s Internal Security Force. Despite claims that the fleet is a defensive entity only, the rate of addition of ships and the superior technology that they employ are of a concern to Starfleet Intelligence. The ship used in the above crimes is claimed by The Consortium’s Public Relations department to be a rogue vessel operating under the illegal seizure of its commanding officer, but this defence is unsubstantiated and believed to be misleading.

High Profile Personnel


Dr Richardson
CEO and Founder of the Consortium

Reclusive head of the shell corporation and supporter of genetic research and enhancements in humanoids. After a controversial lecture held on Mars base in 2388 Starfleet Intelligence took a closer look at the man's work but uncovered nothing illegal. Dr Richardson was said to be furious that after the CSS Vanquish was found to be involved in illegal activities Starfleet began distancing themselves from the corporation and lucrative contracts were not renewed. It wasn't clear who he was most angry with - Starfleet or his own people. Starfleet Intelligence suspects the loss of business as a contributing factor behind the Consortium's relocation to the Par'tha Expanse.


Naran Ola
Adopted daughter of Dr Richardson and Starfleet Security Officer

Naran Ola's service history is clean and she does not seem to display the same ideals as her father. She came under suspicion as a potential espionage agent injected into Starfleet after the theft of a QSD from Starbase 185 in the Zeta Gelis Region but all evidence against her was circumstantial at best and investigators were unable to conclusively prove guilt.


The Consortiums Fleet Commander

Zakaria's service to The Consortium has been invaluable. He was promoted to Fleet Commander and given control of the Consortiums battle fleet. Omega Fleet revered Zakaria as a Commander and worked to please him and the Consortium in every battle.

  • Dominic Gray
    • Genetic and chemical engineer
  • Raikenoff
    • Status: Deceased
    • Alias for the commanding officer of the Consortium Security Ship (CSS) Vanquish, was wanted by the Federation for war crimes until his defeat at the hands of Fleet Captain Renos and nir crew on stardate 239312.05

Known Consortium Internal Security Force Fleet Vessel Designs

CSS Phoenix - Dreadnought Class, Commanded by Zakaria
CSS Vanquish - Vanguard class, captained by Raikenoff
Spearhead class
Dominance class