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The USS Thomas Edison was a Nova class ship under the Vulcan Commander Konrad.

While on a routine stellar cartography mission in the Piktar System, not far from the Prometheus Station, the Edison became ensnared in a temporal rift of unknown origins. A virus, spread by an infected Starfleet personnel from an alternate timeline, overwhelmed the majority of the crew.

Three survivors, Doctor Lilavati Chandur, Ensign Eleni Kostas, and Master-at-Arms Scott Rand, were able to avoid being infected and took refuge in the Engineering Room. Holding out there for over a week, the survivors fashioned a probe and eventually made contact with the USS Constitution-B, which had been sent to investigate the disappearance of the Edison.

The survivors were rescued, but while the Constitution and her crew were working on finding a cure for the infection raging on the ship, the Edison was pulled into a temporal rift and destroyed.

The Constitution, seeing no other available option, abandoned the mission to rescue any further members of the USS Thomas Edison and returned to Deep Space 10 with more questions than answers.

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