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The USS Berlin is a Reliant-class cruiser currently in service with Starfleet. It is one of three starships permanently assigned to The Borderlands along with the USS Artemis-A and the USS Chesapeake.

In January 2399, Excalibur-A planetary science officer Ensign Marschalkerweerd opted for a temporary transfer to the Berlin in order to further her career with Starfleet.

In July of the same year, the Berlin had been assigned to patrol the Celendi Trade Lane and had come across scattered reports of piracy. Starfleet Strategic Operations believed that the Berlin was more than capable of fending off any pirate attacks, however.

As of July 2399, its Commanding Officer is Captain Desmond Martin. The Strategic Operations Officer aboard Berlin is Lt. Commander Scrod and serving as Chief Science Officer was Lieutenant Leh’Veen.[1]

Its officer's lounge is called 'The Pentra'.

Starting on 240005.26, the Berlin was in use by half of the crew of the USS Artemis-A for use in a training exercise, in which they would face off against the Artemis.[2] During the drill, the ship was under the temporary command of Commander Adea (Acting CO) and Lieutenant Commander Dakora[3] The Berlin was then returned to Captain Martin on Stardate 240007.19, in severe need of repair due to an engagement with Suliban pirates. Commander MacKenzie - CO of the Artemis - observed that Cpt Martin was quite incensed by the significant damage to his vessel, and noted in her log that she should stay away from Starbase 224 for a time.[4]


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