Valcarian Imperial Republic

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Valcarian Imperial Republic

Valcarian Empire

Par'tha Expanse

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The Valcarian Imperial Republic consists of several dozen systems under authoritarian rule. Equipped with advanced technologies and vast fleets and armies compared with other local governments, the Empire has taken the bulk of its territory by force over the centuries.

But the region was not always such a place. Once there was a good and pure government on the world of Valcaria known as the Valcarian Republic. In this relative utopia, however, selfish and unscrupulous individuals managed to seize power from within and turn its government away from the betterment of its people and toward enriching and empowering themselves.


The Republic Wanes

Valcaria was once a great republic of nations. Dozens of member countries were governed fairly and efficiently by the Directory. Inevitably, as the Valcarians reached out into their star system, and then further, the Republic found itself saddled with too massive a bureaucracy.

A few unscrupulous, greedy directors had started the destructive chain reaction of malaise. They saw the first lingering problems as cracks in the system of government which could be exploited for personal gain. These people found that their colleagues were far too occupied by the day-to-day running of the Republic to monitor their activities adequately.

The corruption was too small to be noticed at first. But as the opportunities grew, so did the number of directors who were seduced by the lure of illegitimate power and wealth. These senators found an easy alliance with some of the mammoth corporate interests which constantly were on the lookout for easier ways to make a profit. A few arrogant, self-serving bureaucrats fell to seduction, and in this small way, the birth of the Empire occurred.

At last the Directory could no longer blind itself to the fact that the Republic was being devoured from within by those who had been entrusted with its care. During this time, the legitimate business of the Republic was neglected. Small, previously routine matters became insurmountable difficulties. Wars raged on, with the Republic slowly losing every battle. The government became remote, unfathomable, often a useless burden to dozens of the governed species. The Republic was disintegrating, and it appeared that no one could hold it together.

The Rise of Altharra

Altharra, an unassuming yet brilliant military leader, began his road to power during this time of social injustice and rampant corruption. He was often modest and, despite a record showing promise, appeared more interested in the success and well being of his troops than in a political career. His slow, methodical way seemed at odds with the mercurial shifts of power and agendas which were the reality of the collapsing Directory. But it was all a ruse, for Altharra was more than he appeared to be. Much more.

The disintegration of the Directory continued, exhausting the entire Republic. On the constituent worlds, civil unrest was now commonplace and crime blossomed. Some outer worlds threatened secession. Others pledged their loyalty through the media while doing what they pleased. The uncorrupt directors realized the danger to the Republic and all it stood for. The corrupt directors could see the need for stability, if only to preserve as much of the Republic as possible for future plundering. A void existed, and it demanded to be filled.

Altharra seized the moment. Altharra abandoned his armada in the Klossic Region, evaded the Vodran blockade, and returned to Valcaria almost alone. There he inserted himself into the plot to replace the Directory. The plot was supported by the military, many high-ranking government officials, and secretly the Directory. The takeover of the Directory was called the Coup of Vhros. Altharra assumed the role of Prime Director and, with the visible support of the military, effectively became a dictator.

The loyalist directors were encouraged that Altharra had not fallen in with the corrupt directors, and still had the Republic's best interests at heart, made obvious by his patriotism and military victories, while the fallen directors took heart from his apparent docility and lack of political experience. Each side believed Altharra would serve their needs.


The Structure of the Empire

Despite Altharra's machinations, the Empire is consistently infighting - corruption can only spread so far before control is impossible to maintain. Various military fleets and armies often fight amongst each other depending on which politicians are in favor at the time, and fear is often used as a tool - ineffective in the long term though it may be - to maintain control. Because of this, the Empire often looks outward for new territory and resources that are completely or relatively unprotected, rather than attempt to work through the red tape of the Empire's bureocracy in order to get what they need.

All sentient inhabitants of the Empire - except rolfs - are considered citizens. Valcarians are considered full citizens, and any other species are second-class citizenry. Citizens are accorded certain rights under Imperial law, namely, the right to follow the precepts of the New Order fully and without question. Other rights include certain freedoms that in no way interfere with Imperial doctrines and goals.

Where in the empire a citizen is determines the amount of prohibitions and restrictions governing his or her daily life. All citizens are subject to the laws of the Empire, and all must pay some form of tribute. Laws vary from system to system, but the most uniform are the Imperial Revenue Codes. Under these laws, the burden of proof is upon the citizen to show that he had met all of his fiscal obligations to the Empire. Failure to provide adequate proof is considered an admission of guilt, penalties for which range from confiscation of goods to the increasingly common sentence of labor camp internment.