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Par'tha Expanse
Solerian Sector

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Solerian sector has been settled for nearly six centuries; the first Caraadian settlement was established on Lagor Ciro, which quickly grew into a major world on the fringes of galactic society. However, the remoteness of the Solerian sector insured that the area was never extensively colonized and the region to this day remains a galactic backwater on the fringes of Imperial space.

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Solerian sector has been ruled for the past 10 years by Brol Peirs. With the disappearance of the Romulans from the area, there was a power vacuum created. Eventually, Peirs stepped with his modest fleet and took control of the area. In the last 10 years he has slowly built his own little empire, and rules with virtually no opposition.

Solerian sector borders on the outer fringes of the Par'tha Expanse. It is linked to the Freeworlds Region by the Kaen'anti Bypass, which runs to the sector capitol of Qesya. The trade route links several colony worlds of the sector, including Kolig and Sufar and eventually terminates at Lagor Ciro, the last major planet in the sector. Lorunda also lies near the end of the Bypass.

Less traveled routes extend to the outermost worlds in the sector; there are nearly 30 official colonies and independent worlds in the region; more than half of them have less than 10 million residents, so they are pretty marginal settlements by galactic standards.

There is a large void on the edge of the sector approximately 30 light years across. On the opposite side of the void is a cluster of stars called the Solerian Reach. These systems are officially part of the Solerian sector and the region is lightly populated. The Solerian Reach borders on the edge of a mysterious area known as the Solerian Rift, a section of space reputed to be extremely dangerous to navigate.