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Season 1

Talvath’s Taint
  • Episode 1: Stardate 239101-239102
    • An environmental disaster on the planet Talvath and a Tal Shiar plot tests the Darwin on its premiere mission.
Some Things Should Stay Buried
  • Episode 2: Stardate 239102-239104
    • An inspection of a ship smuggling weapons unearths an unknown drug that has unpredictable effects on some of the Darwin's crew.
  • Episode 3: Stardate 239104-239105
    • The Darwin crew return to the watery world of Asav. How have things changed since the species was first discovered?
Live and Let Dino
  • Episode 4: Stardate 239105-239106
    • A mission in which a Q transported the Darwin crew to prehistoric Earth with a challenge that would test their knowledge of their namesake's theories of evolution, in a bid to see how intelligent they really were.

Season 2

The Lost Souls
  • Episode 1: Stardate 239202-239204
    • Relaunched under a new captain, the Darwin is tasked to assist a crippled ship. It is discovered that more is at stake, though, when members of both crews start disappearing.
From The Divine To The Squidiculous
  • Episode 2: Stardate 239204-239205
    • Returning to Asav with a new crew and captain, the Darwin assists the Asavii on a mission of exploration. However, what they find will have repercussions for a long time to come.
Court Martial?
  • Special Episode: Stardate 239206-239206
    • Recalled with all haste to Deep Space 6, Renos and the senior staff of the Darwin are in for a shocking surprise.
Breaching the Adversary
  • Episode 3: Stardate 239206-239207
    • Responding to a distress call from Zakdorn the Darwin crew soon see that one disaster leads to another.
Deep Space Race
  • Special Episode 2: Stardate 239207-239208
    • High octane fun as three teams with Darwin crew battle it out against each other and the rest of the competition for top place but for one team, pushing their luck too far has disastrous consequences.
Razor's Edge
  • Episode 4: Stardate 239208-239208
    • An Operation Knifepoint mission gets complicated when a distress call from Brut III and mechanical problems with one of the Jentar Assembly's satellites. The crew must overcome difficult circumstances if they are to succeed in closing down the anomalies that have been plaguing Federation space near and far for months.
Operation Bright Arrow
  • Episode 5: Stardate 239209-239210
    • A Quantum Slipstream Drive has been stolen and it looks like a familiar foe is behind it. Knowing help will be needed if their hunch is correct Operation Bright Arrow is born. As Taskforce Commander, Captain Renos leads the Darwin and her escort, the defiant class USS Triumphant into the Delta Quadrant. Nothing could prepare them for what awaits them there.
Silent Night
  • Episode 6: Stardate 239212-239301
    • On the edges of the distant Delta Quadrant. The crew is forced to take refuge on a class-p planet and live among the pre-warp society of the the Turisans while waiting for rescue.

Season 3

Outpost Unity
  • Episode 1: Stardate 239301-239302
    • The Darwin crew oversees details and then construction of a new joint Federation/Talaxian Outpost in the Pouiyeog region of the Delta quadrant.
  • Episode 2: Stardate 239303-239304
    • A crashed Borg ship revealed the presence of sentient, independent nanoprobes. The crew decide to help them, in an effort to gain an ally in future encounters with the Borg.
The Ties That Bind
  • Episode 3: Stardate 239305 - 239306
    • Renos is kidnapped by Deviant hunters, uncovering a traitor on board the Darwin-A and initiating a rescue operation.
Sphere Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • Episode 4: Stardate 239307 - 239308
    • The Dyson Sphere upon which Outpost Unity was built has suddenly admitted access to Darwin-A exploration teams. Occupied with their findings, the crew must also get out in time or be trapped inside, possibly forever.
  • Episode 5: Stardate 239308 - 239310
    • Science teams analyze a previously undiscovered species of space-borne beings, while other teams investigate a supposedly derelict space station deep in a nebula, endangering their lives and hinting at a Consortium-Numiri connection, or have First Contact with a hostile race with dire consequences.
Revenge and Regret
  • Episode 6: Stardate 239310 - 239312
    • The ruse of malfunctioning subspace relays allows members of the Darwin-A crew to be taken prisoner. A rescue team infiltrates the Consortiun ship Vanquish while it engages the Darwin-A. And Renos and Raikenoff have a final confrontation on a Talaxian mining colony, with mortal consequences for one of them.


In 2394, Darwin-A was made part of the Andaris Task Force. Mission summaries for the Darwin-A would be incorporated into the ATF missions, found here.