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The USS Stormcrow was a Cheyenne class cruiser under the Command of Captain Haz Arrhimen.

Upon hearing about the destruction of the SS Annabelle's Lament, and the death of his younger brother at the hands of Romulan terrorists, Haz Arrhimen put the Stormcrow in for repairs and extended shore leave at StarBase 85. During that shore leave he took a group of his senior officers onto the Stormcrow for a shakedown cruise to test the engines. In the middle of the test flight the USS Stormcrow warped off under communications silence. Several hours later Captain Arrhimen announced his plans for revenge against the Romulans by declaring his intention to destroy the Romulan colony in the Valdis system across the Romulan Neutral Zone.

The Aegian class fast frigate USS Tribal attempted to intercept the Stormcrow, but was badly damaged in the encounter. Arrhimen left the Tribal for dead along the edges of the neutral zone.

When the Stormcrow reached the Valdis system, Arrhimen found that another Starfleet vessel had beat him there - the Excelsior class USS Albion, support vessel of StarBase 118 Ops. Arrhimen approached the Albion through the Valdis nebula to foil her sensor arrays and the two ships engaged in a vicious firefight which left the Albion badly damaged and the Stormcrow's warp engines were completely destroyed. The Albion attempted to salvage the remains of the Stormcrow while rescuing the survivors, but ended up having to destroy the remains to prevent them from falling into Romulan hands.

Haz Arrhimen escaped, but his crew was taken into custody and remain incarcerated.

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