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In an unprecedented collaboration between the Federation and the Talaxians, Outpost Unity was completed and commissioned on Stardate 239302.09.


In 2392, the USS Darwin, NCC-99312-A was involved in a pursuit of industrial saboteurs that led them to the fringes of the Delta Quadrant. During the course of that mission, a Dyson Sphere was discovered in the Pouiyeog region, contested between the Numiri and the Talaxians. Coming to the aid of embattled Talaxian scientists inhabiting a base on the surface of the sphere, the Darwin endeared the Federation to a nearby colony of Talaxians, thereby planting the seed of future relations.

With the recent advancements of Quantum Slipstream technology making travel to the far flung region possible, and the promise of untold explorations in a new quadrant, Starfleet Command placed a new mandate on the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, the Federation Diplomatic Corps, and the Darwin itself: enter into a historic undertaking to build and operate a forward outpost in the Pouiyeog region, in full collaboration with the Talaxians. In honor of the destroyed initial Talaxian installation named Unity Base, the new outpost was to be built in close proximity to the previous one on the surface of the Dyson sphere and it would be christened Outpost Unity.

Given a tight timeframe of six months from conception to completion, and the challenges of long-distance ferry runs, the Federation and Talaxian governments had initial difficulties. Political issues during negotiations and difficulties integrating disparate Federation and Talaxian technology with each other and with the alien construct of the Dyson sphere created setbacks and incidents throughout the construction process. However, the project was completed in time and is now fully functional.

Designed primarily to be a trade hub, a supply station for future Federation exploration of the region, and a platform for examining and exploring the as yet impenetrable Dyson sphere, Outpost Unity nonetheless was built with comfort and aesthetics as a major consideration. With ample living space and comfort amenities for its inhabitants and visitors, Outpost Unity is a showcase for Federation and Talaxian engineering and culture.