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Restricted Contact Notice


NOTICE: This ship is an imminent danger and threat. REPORT ALL SIGHTINGS TO STARFLEET COMMAND.

The USS Nimitz is a Sovereign Class starship based out of Starbase 94. It is currently commanded by the experienced and well-liked Captain Arthur Rosman.

The last transmission received from the Nimitz was upon there arrival at Duster's Range. As of stardate 238805.17, the Nimitz has been declared missing, its current whereabout unknown.

URGENT BULLETIN: Reports from the crew of the USS Constitution-B indicate that the USS Nimitz may be under the control of the Borg. More details to follow.

The full mission report from the USS Constitution-B states that the Nimitz has been lost to Borg infestation. Nine survivors were rescued by a SAR Team from the Constitution.

The USS Nimitz was encountered in the Menthar Corridor by the USS Mercury in 238904. The Cardassians claimed that the ship attacked one of their installations and pursuit led to an encounter of the two ships and the boarding of the USS Mercury by Borg from the USS Nimitz. The boarding drones were defeated, but it was noted that their behaviour was different from documented behaviour of the Collective.

URGENT BULLETIN: Reports from the crew of the USS Mercury confirm that the USS Nimitz is under the control of a Borg splinter group.

The current whereabouts of the USS Nimitz is unknown.

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