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“The power to do good is also the power to do harm.”

Milton Friedman

The USS Ballard-A is an Intrepid Class refit launched in 2388 currently commanded by Commander Luc Porteous. The changes to this ship are primarily about interior layout.

The refit has changed the internal configuration to the vessel being half hospital/half marine transport. The marines provide security and act as the rescue forces, returning the injured/casualties to the ship where they can receive treatment. Several rooms have been replaced to served as a planetary HQ and relay station and booster from planetary sources to any ships in orbit.

While the refit was originally proposed for another class, the Intrepid won out, as it is capable of landing and acting as a on-ground command post. In addition, the Ballard can use the flight deck as a landing pad and ambulance bay for their hoppers/shuttles.

The ship has good communications systems, medical facilities and SFMC equipment but had to sacrifice a lot of the science facilities, retaining only enough to support the hospital and engineering teams to run the ship. A small security detail and tactical enough for defense. Unlike other Intrepid class ships, it sacrifices intelligence and diplomatic functionality in order to enhance its capabilities as a SAR ship.

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