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“Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.”


The USS Britannic (NCC-98576) is an Adamant-class starship.

The Adamant-class prototype was commissioned on stardate 57125.3 as a heavy explorer. While the class proved to be quite successful as explorers, the Britannic and two of her sister ships were requisitioned by Starfleet Medical and refit into massive mobile hospitals. The refit was an efficient and profitable decision; the Adamants are quite a bit larger than the standard Olympic-class ships, and they are designed to hold nearly 10,000 patients, passengers, evacuees, etcetera.

The Britannic has a dedicated staff of 175 officers and 525 crew, most of them employed by the medical division. Her current CO, Commander Dallas Zea, is a human male who most recently served as Britannic's chief of medicine.

Britannic is named for the HMHS Britannic, largest of the Cunard Olympic-class liners from Earth's early twentieth century. The HMHS Britannic was designed as a transatlantic commercial liner, but was pressed into service as a hospital ship during the First World War. She struck a mine and sank in 1916.

Britannic's last-reported position was en route back to Starbase 82, following a mission to the Andorian colony Yeva, which had experienced a nasty outbreak of jikarrety. Britannic has, however, changed course, and is headed for Starbase 118 to assist with that facility's reported disease and subsequent quarantine alert.

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