Atonement (Invicta)

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  • Stardate 239306 to 239307

An alien civilization asks for the Invicta's help in dealing with the aftermath of their historical sins, but have they truly escaped the horrors of their past?


Guest Stars

Nen Mur Diiv
Leader of the Adovans
Played by Tony/Kells

The Arc of the World (referred to by her title 'Arc') is Nen Mur Diiv, elected from a council of her peers because of her platform of doing what no one else would do: addressing the loud sins of her world's past. However, her motivation for doing so is not all it appears to be...

Ila Ker Raav
Chief of Staff to Arc Nen Mur Diiv
played by Kait/Jolara

Hand-appointed by Nen Mur Diiv to serve as her Chief of Staff, Ila Ker Raav is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the Arc's office/administration, as well as controls the flow of information. It is also her duty to protect the interests of the Arc.

Dergon Zerx
Advisor to Arc Nen Mur Diiv
played by Jess/Macoy

Dergon Zerx is a highly suspicious individual who is looking out for his own best interests and acting out against his own prejudices.

Gof Mirin
Chief Scientist
played by Raj/Blueheart

Her own great-great-grandfather killed in "The Cleansing" three centuries ago, Gof has worked hard to reach this position, which she is determined to use as a platform to renew her fellow citizens' faith that Science must always be used for the good of all people, never for evil.

Nirxa Dinn
played by Amanda/DeVeau

Half of her family line was killed during "The Cleansing." The "deviant" gene was thought to be wiped out, and as far as she knows, no one in her family is one - except her. Genial but not overly boisterous, she is extremely careful not to let out her little secret.

played by Sergio/Dickens

Kisax is a scientist who believes that what they're doing is right but wasn't sure about having outsiders to deal with their issues because she thought they were on the right path and that external influence could destabilize their achievements.

Titus Vassily
Orion Syndicate
played by guest simmer Chris/Sinda Essen

Species Info

The Adovans are a relatively unknown species, thanks to their homeworld's location deep within the Menthar Corridor.

Around the late twenty-first century, the Adovans began a systematic genocide against a subset of their population, known as "deviants," using biological weapons that were specifically designed to target the supposed gene markers of those who exhibited the deviancy.

Three hundred years later, the Adovans, led by Arc Nen Mur Diiv, contacted the Federation to ask for their help in ridding their world of the remaining bioweapons on their planet. The USS Invicta was sent to Adova to assist.

The Adovans are governed by a ruling council, who elect a leader known as the Arc of the World. Historically, the Adovans once had a position of supreme leadership known as chancellor.

Mission Summary


Plot Recap

After a call for assistance from a relatively unknown civilization, the USS Invicta set course for Adova to assist with cleansing the planet from dangerous weapons used for mass genocide against a racial minority approximately 300 years ago.

Upon arrival, Captain Washington dispatched three teams to assist - with a small team, Fleet Captain Kells would speak directly with the world's leader, Arc Nen Mur Diiv. LtCmdr Tristam Core was dispatched with a team of four others to convene with the planet's science division. LtCmdr Pandora also lead a small team to a decommissioned weapons centre.

Though Starfleet's presence on the Adovan homeworld was minimal at best, the crew was shocked to learn that the racial minority affected by the weaponry some 300 years ago were that of those with telepathic or empathic abilities, a virus causing the genocide through the means of automated drones. Many of the Invicta's senior staff were telepaths themselves, causing concerns of the crew's safety on the planet. Further rumours among the crew indicated that the Arc herself may be telepathic, providing a personal motivation behind the Adovan call for assistance.

As the teams worked to assist with destroying drones and with the medical implications of those already affected, the drones were reactivated by an Adovan minority going by the name of the Vendalak, lead by Biren Sak Duur, who was intolerant of the Arc's continued acceptance of telepathic Adovans.

Whilst the crew were engaged on the planet, the USS Syracuse and the Invicta were faced with new threats in the Adovan system. The Syracuse was grazed by a swarm of drones, headed directly for the planet, effectively damaging their outgoing communications system. Commander Nic del Vedova was forced to pilot a shuttlecraft to warn the Invicta of the impending conflict.

The Syracuse's CO Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman was then contacted by Titus Vassily, a criminal believed to be behind a number of arms deals, kidnappings, and assassinations. Vassily sought the bioweapons created by the Adovans (the very ones Starfleet had been asked to assist with removing) and was working with the Vendalak, supplying the group for their plan to assassinate the Arc in exchange for the bioweapon. Despite the Invicta crew managing to capture his associates, destroy the reactivated drones, and end the coup attempt by the Vendalak, Vassily himself evaded arrest.

Most startlingly, though, the Adovan people discovered that there was never a distinct "deviant" gene that gave some Adovans telepathic abilities over others. All Adovans harbor the ability, and though some of their scientists and physicians had long suspected, it was not until one of the "awakened" had assumed the place of Arc that the truth came out.