Invicta Officer's Manual

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Invicta Officer's Manual



Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the USS Invicta simming group, part of the larger UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet.

The Invicta launched in June 2015 (stardate 239206). Before that, the Invicta crew simmed aboard the USS Mercury and USS Garuda. As you can imagine, a lot of stories have been accumulated in that time -- and since the launch of the Mercury and the establishment of the Menthar Corridor region, all the way back in December 2011!

We've prepared this guide to help you get acquainted with how we do things around here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask your mentor or the command staff.

Table of Contents

I: Basics

Three keys to success
An overview of the Invicta Google Groups
How your sims should look

II: Invicta 101

Learn more about your shipmates
A new class of starship
Discover the ongoing story arcs of Invicta

III: Operating Procedures

What to do
What exactly is it?
How to turn your idea into a proposal

IV: Beyond the Basics

Guide to advancement
Things to do outside of simming
Help welcome newcomers

REV SD 239304.04