Invicta Bridge

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The bridge is designed according to basic Galaxy class functionality with security and tactical controlled from a horseshoe display, mission operations and engineering at the rear of the room, and two stations near the viewscreen -- in the Invicta’s case, operations (including helm) and science. More emphasis, however, is placed upon the bridge as not only a mission control center but a place where visiting dignitaries, ambassadors, and scientists may observe and discuss in comfort, and the area occupied by the captain’s chair on a Galaxy class bridge is taken by a conference table (primarily occupied by senior staff during mission operations: captain, first officer, counselor, chief medical officer, diplomatic officer, intelligence officer, etc.). The overall emphasis is on this space as open and inclusive, and its design reflects that.


1: Observation and conference areas. One area to port and one to starboard. These may be used for senior staff conferences and by diplomatic visitors.
2: Viewscreen
3: Operations and helm control station to port, science control station to starboard. Both stations double as seating benches.
4: Senior staff conference table. Primarily occupied by CO, XO, counselor, CMO, and others as necessary.
5: MSD
6: Tactical and security “horseshoe” display
7: Mission operations, engineering, and communications controls
8: Turbolift
9: Captain’s ready room