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“To explore strange new worlds...”

Starfleet Charter

The USS Venture is a decommissioned Constitution class vessel that is now a museum ship in the Starfleet Historical Museum's collection.

Starfleet Service

Launched in 2246, the Venture had a distinguished career alongside her fellow Constitution class sisters. She completed several notable deep space exploration missions, first under the command of Captain Akintola and then later Captains Chavez, Mattsson, Zhang and Commodore De Luca. She was severely damaged towards the end of her final 5-year mission, and she was mothballed in 2272 after Starfleet decided it was easier to construct a brand new Constitution class refit rather than repair and refit Venture herself. She was later decommissioned in 2281.

She was slated for the scrapyard but a group of Venture veterans lobbied for her donation to the Starfleet Historical Museum, and she was transferred to the museum's lunar orbital complex in 2286, where she has remained to this day.

Venture Museum


The Venture Museum opened in 2286, after most of USS Venture's systems were stripped. Control surfaces and some equipment were left for cosmetic purposes. The shuttlebay holds two simulator rides designed to look like the Class F shuttlecraft of the 2260s. The ship's mess hall now serves as the museum cafe, and souvenirs are available on Deck 8.

During a major renovation in 2378, the ship was outfitted with holographic projectors on several decks and in certain key locations such as the bridge, sickbay, and engineering to allow museum visitors to see the ship "come back to life" through holographic recreations of crew members performing their duties.

Daily group tours are available from 0900 to 1700 hours. The museum is open year-round except on major Federation holidays.

Khitomer Centennial

For the 2393 Khitomer Centennial celebrations, Lt. Cmdr. Kinan Venroe, the Federation's event organizer, tasked Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman and the crews of the USS Invicta and USS Syracuse with preparing the ship for inclusion in the event's Parade of Ships.[1]

Historical Gallery


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