Khitomer Accords

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Khitomer Accords
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United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire
End of hostilities between the Federation and the Klingon Empire

The Khitomer Accords is a historic treaty signed by the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire at the Khitomer Conference in 2293. The treaty marked the beginning of a new era of peace between the two great powers that eventually led to a formal alliance in the 24th century.

Articles of the Accords[1]

  • Article I: Both Parties obligate themeselves to desist from any act of violence, any aggressive action, and any attack on the each other, either individually or jointly with other powers.
  • Article II: The Governments of the two Parties shall institute full diplomatic relations with each other. A parcel of land shall be delivered on each of the worlds, which will serve as center for government for each Party so that the other Party may establish an Embassy.
  • Article III: Should one of the Parties become the object of belligerent action by a third power, the other Party shall in no manner lend its support to this third power, and will lend whatever aid and assistance to the other party it deems appropriate by the rules of its internal government.
  • Article IV: Both Parties agree to provide humanitarian aid to each other.
  • Article V: Both Parties agree that any former grievances they had with the other are now forgotten. If any individual under the rule of one Party commits an act of revenge or retribution on the other Party, that individual will be extradited to stand trial under the laws of the aggrieved Party.
  • Article VI: Both Parties agree to the specifics of the following sections delineating conflict resolution, territorial definitions, trade laws, and all other provisions in this document.

Khitomer Centennial

In 2393, celebrations are to be held at Khitomer to mark the centennial anniversary of the treaty. As part of the celebrations, both the Federation and Klingon Empire have planned festivities together, including a parade of ships, which will feature the ships of the Invicta Expedition as well as the USS Venture[2][3]