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This page is OOC, to keep a working list of possible planets, systems and species that have already been created for the Par'tha Expanse, and that are still open for creation. Completed links (blue or purple) are already done, but may need to be modified or updated. Links that are in red have already been established, but have no information, and are open for creation. Question marks are data that has not already been established, and is also open for creation (please "edit" this page and insert a link, removing the "?").

  • ~Work in progress~
System Planet Indigenous Species Affiliation Control
Alpha Rintani system Darkwater none none n/a
Oscion system Oscion none Expanse Systems Government seat

Barahn Province

System Planet Indigenous Species Affiliation Control
Aruva system ? ? Expanse House Barahn
Barahn system Barahn Caraadian Expanse House Barahn
Danaan system Danaan Caraadian Expanse House Barahn
Gotanna system ? ? Expanse House Barahn
New Paldor system New Paldor ? Expanse House Barahn
Otha system Otha ? Expanse House Barahn
Redansk system Redansk ? Expanse House Barahn
Sorelia system Sorelia ? Expanse House Barahn
Tullus system Tullus ? Expanse House Barahn
Umbrios system Umbrios ? Expanse House Barahn
Yanisse system Yanisse ? Expanse House Barahn
Yatil system Yatil ? Expanse House Barahn

Beruna Province

System Planet Indigenous Species Affiliation Control
Beruna system Beruna none Expanse House Beruna
Derex system Derex none Expanse House Beruna
Devron system Devron none Expanse House Beruna
Felussus system Felussus none Expanse House Beruna
Prosenna system Prosenna none Expanse House Beruna
Tiraan system Tiraan none Expanse House Beruna

Kerraron Province

System Planet Indigenous Species Affiliation Control
Gorin system Gorin none Expanse House Kerraron
Iolan system Iolan none Expanse House Kerraron
T'sarran system T'sarran none Expanse House Kerraron

Lanaxa Province

System Planet Indigenous Species Affiliation Control
Elbannon system Rylos Rylan Expanse House Lanaxa
Jeraal system Jeraal none Expanse House Lanaxa
Lanaxa system Lanaxa none Expanse House Lanaxa
Peridan system Peridan none Expanse House Lanaxa
Sula Adanni system Sula Adanni VIII Adanni Expanse House Lanaxa
Syndell system Syndell none Expanse House Lanaxa
Tyrn system Tyrn none Expanse House Lanaxa
Yrocyn system Yrocyn none Expanse House Lanaxa

Larokon Province

System Planet Indigenous Species Affiliation Control
Agurtha system Agurtha Rix none Expanse House Larokon
Berenti system Berenti none Expanse House Larokon
Buqret system Buqret none Expanse House Larokon
Burellion system Burellion none Expanse House Larokon
Devorren system Devorren none Expanse House Larokon
Drovna system Drovna none Expanse House Larokon
Gotara system Gotara none Expanse House Larokon
Karna system Karna none Expanse House Larokon
Laerron system Laerron none Expanse House Larokon
Marelle system Marelle none Expanse House Larokon
Paldor system Paldor none Expanse House Larokon
Roulean system Roulean none Expanse House Larokon
Tegedaar system Tegedaar none Expanse House Larokon
Tigelis system Tigelis none Expanse House Larokon
Ustullan system Ustullan none Expanse House Larokon

Rettaan Province

System Planet Indigenous Species Affiliation Control
Cetarus system Cetarus none Expanse House Rettaan
Galidyn system Galidyn none Expanse House Rettaan
Rakaan system Rakaan none Expanse House Rettaan
Vadid system Vadid none Expanse House Rettaan
Vaedan system Vaedan none Expanse House Rettaan
Zalenaedere system Zalenaedere none Expanse House Rettaan
Zeta Pellis system Zeta Pellis none Expanse House Rettaan

Tadere Province

System Planet Indigenous Species Affiliation Control
Arndall system Arndall none Expanse House Tadere
Beyla'Ruus system Beyla'Ruus none Expanse House Tadere
Idrall system Idrall none Expanse House Tadere
Krotar system Krotar none Expanse House Tadere
Kumauri system Kumauri none Expanse House Tadere
Paxar system Paxar none Expanse House Tadere
Peren system Peren none Expanse House Tadere
Pollus system Pollus none Expanse House Tadere
Samnar system Samnar none Expanse House Tadere
Sankrax system Sankrax none Expanse House Tadere
Torek system Torek none Expanse House Tadere

Free Worlds Region

System Planet Indigenous Species Affiliation Control
Aelann system Aelann none Freeworlds Independent
Aluda system Aluda ? Freeworlds ?
Beta Korrilae system Beta Korrilae II Korri Freeworlds Independent
Calavar system Calivar IV Cullum Freeworlds Independent
Debin system ? ? Freeworlds ?
Dronni system Dronni IV, Sinosa Ateda Freeworlds Independent
Gornt system ? ? Freeworlds ?
Holonna system ? ? Freeworlds ?
Illara system Illara Prime Illaran Freeworlds Independent
Itani system ? ? Freeworlds ?
Kala'din system Kala'din IV Naylar Freeworlds Independent
Kellim system ? ? Freeworlds ?
Kiros system ? ? Freeworlds ?
Lanith system ? ? Freeworlds ?
Lydor system ? ? Freeworlds ?
Maaron system Maarok extinct Freeworlds colonized
Miralon system Miralon III Waleth Freeworlds Independent
Myel system Myel XII Essedarri Freeworlds Independent
Nanaria system Nanaria none Freeworlds colonized
Norala system Norala IV none Freeworlds Federation colony
Ocorum system ? ? Freeworlds ?
Prelion system Prelion Prelian Freeworlds Independent
Taraana system ? ? Freeworlds ?
Tinnaallii system Tinall Tinalli Freeworlds Independent