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  • Planet Name: Buqret
  • Location: Par'tha Expanse
  • Class: M
  • System Data: Buqret has no moon
  • Gravity: 1.0 G
  • Year and Day: 404/20
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with ozone and carbon dioxide content, at Earth-normal pressure
  • Hydrosphere: Dry, with 39% surface water
  • Climate: Cool and temperate
  • Sapient Species: 9.2 billion, mostly Caraadians
  • Technological Classification: Rating N on the Richter Scale
  • Government: Aristocracy, House Larokon
  • Culture: Cosmopolitan
  • Affiliation: homeworld of House Larokon
  • Resources: technology
  • Ship Facilities: Buqret has three major space-based starports, and numerous land-based starports

Other Details: Buqret is the homeworld of House Larokon. It is a small, red-brown planet with a cool dim red sun. Its dim sun casts a hellish red glow over the planet that appears to suspend it in perpetual twilight. The planet's surface is of ash-colored rock, broken only by shallow, small seas. These seas are extremely salty in content, so drinking water is either desalinated or drawn from deep wells.

Much of the planet's surface has been urbanized with impressive cities, thousands of years old. The buildings, although preserved by House Larokon, show millennia of wear, and grimy build up. When possible, manufacturing areas are kept separate from the living and cultural centers of the cities.

The Buqret shipyards orbit the planet. There is only a pair of docks capable of servicing capital ships, but a host of smaller docks and platforms can service most mid-sized cruisers and patrol craft. At least one of House Larokon's destroyers is present to guard this valuable resource. An orbiting station is the command center for the shipyards.

Buqret is the fourth planet in the system. Positioned between the fifth and sixth planets is an extensive asteroid belt. The belt acts as a defensive screen and House Larokon has placed numerous sensor arrays on various asteroids providing an early warning system.

Culture: Buqret is a decadent world and so are its people. The surface is a dimly lit depressing locale that has left its mark on its people. When one walks down the street, one moves briskly, avoids direct eye contact, but watches everyone.

Since Buqret's cities are so old, they are steeped in old Caraadian-style architecture. Elaborate skyscrapers, halls, libraries, columns, and even plazas dominate the skyline. The locals take these items for granted, but they attract all manner of tourists. Buqret's theater and art districts are fine examples of the cultural sampling the population and tourists alike enjoy.

Less savory sections of the cities reveal the underside of Buqret's ancient heritage - a crumbling infrastructure which is eating away at the urban centers a bit at a time. Fringers and plotters of all stripes can be found creeping around in the shadows of these areas, eager to escape notice as they go about their nefarious errands.

Economy: Buqret has a robust economy. Although the planet is not self-sufficient, the other worlds in Larokon's province provide it with the essential commodities it needs. Buqret is the base for several mega-corporations. Eleven years ago, House Larokon absorbed all of these and now a good portion of their profits fill House Larokon's coffers.

The Buqret shipyards are another viable source of income. Open to all, they provide repair facilities to those who can't or don't desire to travel to Aelann. House Tadere and House Kerraron vessels are strictly forbidden use of these facilities. All other houses or affiliations are welcome, but the price depends on political stance and who knows whom.

Points of Interest: Buqret's fascinating array of culture and ancient architecture makes it a popular tourist attraction. Its active fringe element also make the cities popular with those looking for shady dealings and hard-to-get black market items.

The Buqret shipyards are frequented by those who do not wish to draw Imperial attention while they have their ships serviced or repaired (Imperial officials get curious when a ship has been engaged in a space battle). The shipyards are not as busy as Aelann, lack an obvious Valcarian presence, and if one knows the right people to bribe, asks no questions. Even a few pirates have made use of Buqret's dockyards. Rates of charge for independents tend to be fair, though the "no questions" option raises the price dramatically.