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Par'tha Expanse
Region Freeworlds Region
System Dronni system
Sun(s) 1 (Dronni)
System Dronni IV
Class M
Climate temperate
Gravity 1.1G
Primary terrain cityscape
Length of Day 87h
Length of Year 413d
Native species various, numerous
Population 72-95 billion
Major cities all one city
Imports foodstuffs, medicine,
Exports none
Dronni system Star   I   II   III   IV   IV-a   V   VI

Sinosa is the largest moon of Dronni IV. Sinosa is similar to Valcaria and Illara Prime in that its surface is entirely overgrown with city sprawl.


When the Atedas left their homeworld of Ialnys, they displaced the Ienau, native to Dronni IV, to Sinosa. Eventually the moon was annexed by the Atedas who started building spaceports and docking bays across its surface, some stretching out into orbit. Over the centuries, Sinosa grew as an important center of interstellar trade. Ancient refueling spires and loading docks reach out from the native soil into orbit. In between these ports, massive vertical cities grew. The urban areas on Sinosa are known as vertical cities since new layers of housing and entertainment buildings are built on top of older layers. Like Valcaria and Mymiri, the lower levels fell into disrepair and became havens for the lowest lifeforms (particularly the descendants of the Ienau which mutated into unwholesome savages) on the moon. The Atedas continue to exploit the Ienau in their new home, buying up their land and using them as a cheap labor source.

Though Sinosa was once a prosperous trade center, it lost its glory as the trade lanes shifted. Eventually, Sinosa became a criminal haven and gained a reputation of being the center of illegal operations in the galaxy. While much of Valcaria is filled with gleaming apartments and well-maintained skywalks, the entire moon of Sinosa is dominated by decaying urban landscape and congested, polluted cities. Now distant from most galactic trade centers, the moon is allowed to run its own affairs with little outside interference.

The moon is protected by often-malfunctioning planetary shields. Anything illegal elsewhere can be bought and sold on Sinosa, and many young smugglers, pirates and criminals started their careers here. Various sections of Sinosa are controlled by the Atedas and other criminal organizations.

Sections of the urbanised moon's vertical city included the Valcarian sector and the Renaaran sector, which contained three bars popular with bounty hunters - the Flaming Spire, Rodek's, and the Touchdown Bar, and another corner tavern called the Purple Lady.

Sinosa has been swarmed by thousands (if not millions) of refugees from destroyed worlds across the galaxy, and still more from both sides of any conflict choking up its spaces looking for work and/or new homes. Its refugee sector is one of the most crowded in the entire galaxy, and tightly controlled by the Atedas.