Norala system

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Par'tha Expanse
Norala system Star  · I  · II  · III  · IV  · V  · Belt
  • System Name: Norala
  • Indigenous Name: none
  • Affiliation: Federation
  • System Type: Single: Norala (Type K2 V, an orange dwarf)
  • Inhabited Planets: Norala IV (Class P)
  • Other Planets: Norala I (Class B), Norala II (Class D), Norala III (Class G), Norala V (Class J)
  • Other Stellar Objects: One asteroid belt on the outside of Norala V's orbit
  • Artificial Objects: Due to Federation interest in this system, and the fledgling colony on the fourth planet, there are a few scientific probes and satellites within the system, and a subspace relay buoy in orbit around Norala IV
  • System in a Sentence (SIS): A frozen wasteland that Deep Space 26 is interested in for its raw materials.