USS Diligent

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“What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.”

Samuel Johnson


The USS Diligent, is the first prototype for the Diligent class, a new light cruiser design introduced in late 2390s. Construction initially began in early 2396 at a division of Utopia Planitia in the Sol system. Later that year, the ship's frame was towed to Ketar V to be completed at the Livernois Shipyards. In 2396, Commander Evan Delano took command of the Diligent to oversee its completion. Shortly after, the ship was pressed into early service during a solar flare event that crippled much of Ketar V's star system. The ship took heavy damage while assisting the USS Veritas, and its completion was delayed pending evaluation and repairs.

By 2398, the ship had completed a shakedown cruise from Esperance to Deep Space 26. Late that year, the Diligent was assigned to join the Shemsh Colonization Fleet as it traveled through the Par'tha Expanse.