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House Kerraron: Rulers of Kerraron Province in the Par'tha Expanse

Values: Though honor is a value embraced by all the noble houses, it is especially dear to the Kerraron noble. Assassination and lying are traits actively discouraged. Because of this, Kerraron nobles are masters at twisting the truth to their own ends, and often promise much less than they seem to.

High Lord: Enelga Monath was very young when his house fell, but he grew up quickly in the hard years that followed. In his first few years as ruler of his house, Monath consolidated ties with Rettaan by marrying the daughter of Lady Bathos and opening his worlds to Rettaan investment. In more recent years, he has taken steps to rebuild Kerraron and regain some of the ground lost in the Larokon purge.

Description: Once one of the most powerful house of the Par'tha Expanse, House Kerraron has fallen on hard times. The charismatic leaders who were once the pride of the house proved at last to be its curse; with the coming of the Valcarian Empire, the traitorous bloodlines in House Kerraron were rooted out and destroyed by the Emperor's servants.

Motivated by fear of Imperial reprisal and jealousy of Kerraron's power and influence, most of the other houses joined Larokon for the first time in opposing Kerraron militarily. The once-mighty house expended nearly all of its considerable resources in its struggle to survive.

Survive it did, but it is a mere shadow of its former self. Eight of its systems were ceded to House Barahn, and it lost seventy percent of its seats in the Great Council. Its historic ties to Caraadian traditions have rendered it politically suspect, and rival houses use this to keep Kerraron powerless. They occasionally circulate propaganda that the house continues to shelter those of anti-Imperial sentiment who survived the initial purges.

Very much aware that another purge will destroy it entirely, House Kerraron is very careful not to make waves - at least not openly. Under the surface, Kerraron plots its comeback.

Allies: House Rettaan is without doubt Kerraron's closest friend in the sector. Kerraron is aware that the Freeworlds, for their own reasons, act in Kerraron's interests by petitioning to break away from the Par'tha Expanse - a new sector trade route would necessarily pass through Gorin. Kerraron is attempting to delay the succession until it can rebuild sufficiently to prevent Barahn and Larokon from seizing Gorin in that event.

Enemies: House Larokon is an implacable foe, as are Beruna and Barahn by extension. Tadere has historically been Kerraron's ally in opposing Larokon, but has always been an alliance of convenience; Tadere has had nothing to say to Kerraron since the great house fell.

Assets: Kerraron has little in the way of assets these days. Many businesses left the house for safer climates when it became clear that the house was disgraced. However, Rettaan investment is helping Kerraron obtain enough hard currency to rebuild. Fortunately, Kerraron is largely self-sufficient, and can provide for its own citizens.

The fallen house does have one asset; the fastest and cheapest trade route to Rettaan space and the Kaen'anti Bypass from Barahn Province. As long as Barahn allies with Larokon, however, Kerraron will charge Barahn ships high tariffs for passing through.

Kerraron lost much of its military and political power in the purge, but retained its powerful intelligence and diplomatic assets. It is putting these to full use in forming potential alliances with other houses behind the scenes.