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House Lanaxa: Rulers of Lanaxa Province in the Par'tha Expanse

Values: The nobles of House Lanaxa tend to be rather hedonistic in nature, in the sense that they want only the best of everything for themselves. Other houses may toil to achieve a few years of sector dominance, but Lanaxa is content to play one side against the other and be the set that's smart; establish fashion trends, "discover" new vacation spots, fads, causes, and so on. Lanaxa is not unwilling to play the game - in fact, it does so quite well - but it must look good doing it.


High Lady: Lady Jelindra Shonaal ascended to the head of House Lanaxa in late 2388, at the tender age of 17, after her parents succumbed to a mysterious illness. The elegant and high-spirited Lady Shonaal is no mere figurehead. A natural diplomat, she strengthens ties with House Tadere, and has begun drawing closer towards Rettaan as well.

Lady Shonaal is kind, just, and possesses a strict set of moral ideals that could rival a Vulcan's. However, she is headstrong, and shares her house's arrogance and pursuit of opulence. She cares deeply about House Lanaxa, and has sworn to do her best to lead the house into a new era. Unfortunately, her privy council has its own view on policies, and clashes with Lady Shonaal on even minor issues. But the public's love for their leader gives her the backing to have her way.

Description: For many centuries, Lanaxa remained aloof from the machinations of the other houses, content merely to dabble in intrigue and enjoy its posh lifestyle. Its easy access to Tinall allowed it to tap into the lucrative trade passing up and down the Kaen'anti Bypass, giving it more than enough credits to support the extravagant lifestyles of its nobles.

About a hundred years ago, however, one of House Larokon's plots brought Lanaxa forcefully into the spying business. Ever since, it has been more involved in the political side of sector life, especially under Shonaal. Its tastes for high living have not slackened in the least, however. It continues to host impressive galas and celebrations, now more than ever. If there is a high society function being held anywhere in the Sector, members of House Lanaxa are sure to be there, dressed "to the nines" and determined to steal the show.

Allies: Classically, House Lanaxa has remained a loyal ally to House Tadere over the past century, though the ties are weakening somewhat as Tadere's ties with the Valcarians grow stronger, and particularly in the wake of the USS Chin'toka saving the Lanaxa system from a rogue neutron star, which greatly popularized the Federation in the eyes of many lower class Lanaxans.

Enemies: House Larokon has been an enemy for the last century. However, House Lanaxa never goes out of its way to cause it harm. Far better to drop a damaging rumor or juicy tidbit in the proper ear and let another house do the dirty work.

Assets: House Lanaxa takes its playing and socializing very seriously. One of the Sector's premier vacation spots, the resort world of Yrocyn, is located in Lanaxa space. All the profits generated by Yrocyn go straight to the house's coffers.

House Lanaxa also has a secret source of credits. Although not a huge amount, the constant flow allows for shrewd investing. Many speculate on the origin of this wealth, and most agree it is coming from outside the sector. Most believe its the Valcarians, but no one can confirm this.