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Elbannon system Star   I   II   III   IV   V   VI
  • System Name: Elbannon
  • Indigenous Name: Elbannon
  • Affiliation: House Lanaxa controlled system (formerly Rylan Concordium of Planets)
  • System Type: Single: Elbannon (Type K3 V, an orange main-sequence)
  • Inhabited Planets: Rylos (Elbannon II; Class M), Huril (Elbannon III; Class L)
  • Other Planets: Elbannon I (Class B), Elbannon IV (Class J), Elbannon V (Class J), Elbannon VI (Class A)
  • Other Stellar Objects: none
  • Artificial Objects: Rylos and Huril have systems of artificial satellites in their respective orbits, mainly for communications purposes.
  • System in a Sentence (SIS): Home system of the Rylans; governmental center of the Rylan Concordium of Planets