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House Tadere: Rulers of Tadere Province in the Par'tha Expanse

Values: House Tadere feels it is the rightful ruler of the Par'tha Expanse and believes it can realize this dream by bringing the Valcarians to the Expanse. Since of the great houses Tadere has the most contacts on Valcaria, it feels it has the greatest chance of being placed in charge of a new imperial sector. House members tend to be arrogant, obnoxious, and gossipy. They feel they have stood in the shadow of Houses Kerraron and Larokon for centuries, and resent it greatly.

High Lord: Lord Lar Gatonne presides over House Tadere. Lord Gatonne began his reign just under a decade ago after serving on Valcaria for 12 years as a Court advisor. He enjoys a great deal of support from the Emperor. Gatonne has been very effective at raising his house's influence in the empire, and often at the expense of House Larokon.

Gatonne is infamous for the number of lovers he has courted or used over the years. Some say he has at least 30 bastard sons and daughters, all told.

Description: House Tadere, as an ancient greater house, has been near the apex of sector power for a long, long time. However, it has dwelt under the shadow of Houses Larokon and Kerraron for thousands of years, and has ruled the sector only a handful of times in that time.

With the rise of the Valcarian Imperial Republic, House Tadere saw its opportunity. It began to forge ties with the Imperial Court, and sent many of its best leaders to imperial centers. Moreso than any other house, Tadere has contributed to the imperial effort. Several dozen governors hail from Tadere, and three of Tadere's best leaders serve the emperor himself. Hundreds of lesser officials serve in the Valcarian government and military as bureau chiefs, ministers, navy captains, and so on.

While the early prizes of imperial association have largely gone to Larokon, the balance is slowly shifting. It is becoming more and more obvious that the Valcarian Empire favors Tadere over Larokon.

Allies: Tadere's closest allies are not in the Sector at all, but on Valcaria. Locally, House Lanaxa is considered an ally. At first, this was an alliance of convenience, as House Tadere did not particularly care for Lanaxa's absorption with style and appearance. But over time, the two houses have become close allies.

Enemies: Historically, Tadere has played middleman in the Kerraron-Larokon feud, playing one side against the other to best advantage. With Kerraron effectively gone, Larokon and Tadere have butted heads with increasing frequency, and the contest for the Par'tha Expanse is developing into a bitter rivalry. Barahn and Beruna, as loyal allies of Larokon, join in the greater house's rivalry against Tadere.

Assets: Financially, House Tadere has a secure foundation, both within and without the sector. Through its expatriates on Valcaria and other imperial worlds, it holds considerable investments in foreign megacorporations, and funnels these outside credits back into the sector. It also owns or at least has a hand in many sector-based businesses. By diversifying its holdings, it hopes to ensure its survival even should its domestic assets be seized or destroyed.

Tadere's Valcaria-based members are perhaps its greatest assets. The three leaders, who serve and advise the emperor himself, give Tadere a potential edge no other house can match. If one or more of the leaders were to return to the sector, it could sway the balance of power in House Tadere's favor.