Illara Prime

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Par'tha Expanse
Illara Prime.png
Illara II
Stellar Cartography
Region Par'tha Expanse
Sector Freeworlds Region
System Illara system
Sun(s) 1 (Illara)
Moon(s) 4
Orbital Radius ????
Eccentricity {{{eccentricity}}}
Class M
Diameter 13100km
Atmosphere Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with ozone and carbon dioxide content; Earth-normal pressure
Hydrosphere Moderate, with 38% surface water
Climate Dry and temperate
Blackbody Temp ???
Gravity 1.05 G
Primary terrain Urban
Points of interest
Length of Day 25h
Length of Year 368d
Native species Illaran
Other species Caraadian, numerous others
Official Language Illarian
Population 11 billion
Technological Classification N
Major cities
Imports raw materials, foodstuffs
Exports manufactured goods, knowledge, culture
Affiliation independent; Freeworlds Council Member
Government Oligarchy (Plutocracy); Freeworlds Council Member
Illara system Star  · I  · II  · III  · IV  · V


  • Culture: Cosmopolitan. Illara Prime has been said to set the tone for the entire Region. Styles, culture, fads - the most important ones start here and spread throughout the expanse. The cultural level is unsurpassed: there are more museums, theaters, libraries, and centers of learning in the system than in the rest of the Expanse put together.
  • Places of Note: Illara Prime's original surface is now virtually invisible, cloaked in a massive urban sprawl that stretches for kilometers under the ever-present stream of space traffic. Almost every surface of the world has been covered by a cityscape several kilometers deep. Uncounted billions live in the durasteel and plasticrete labyrinth. Beneath the opulence of the upper levels, the undercity gives life to all the excesses, abuses, and vices that would not be approved of in any civilized world. The city never sleeps. Throughout the day and night it bustles with activity.
  • Ship Facilities: There are an unknown number of corporate and independently owned ship construction and repair facilities throughout the entire system.
  • Other Details: Thousands of major companies have their offices and plants located on Illara Prime. The largest of these is Balivari Industries, owned by D'Taeon Maliin, which some believe is a front for the criminal organization known as Shadizaar. The 100 most profitable companies form a type of senate, in which they bi-annually appoint a Governor who is to look after all the municipal responsibilities. In reality, the general populace is unaware of and apathetic towards this choice, as no one can remember the last dozen or so governors, due to their lack of impact while in office. The megacorporations unofficially run their sections of the planet the way they want to.