Beta Korrilae II

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Par'tha Expanse
Beta Korrilae II
Stellar Cartography
Region Par'tha Expanse
Sector Freeworlds Region
System Beta Korrilae system
Sun(s) 1 (Beta Korrilae)
Moon(s) 1
Class O
Diameter 13400km
Atmosphere Oxygen-Nitrogen; Earth-normal pressure
Hydrosphere 89% of the surface of Korra II is covered with water in three large seas, and some smaller lakes
Climate Wet and humid, with standard geographical but little seasonal variation
Gravity 0.9 G
Primary terrain Oceans
Length of Day 25h
Length of Year 341d
Native species Korri
Official Language Korrii
Population 4.2 billion
Technological Classification N
Affiliation freeworld, Freeworlds Council member
Government Plutocracy, Freeworlds Council member

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  • Culture: The Korri are a race devoted to commerce and the acquisition of profit, no matter who they have to cheat
  • Affiliation: Head of the Korri Merchant Association, Freeworlds Council
  • Resources: Beta Korrilae II has all the standard natural resourses of a terrestrial planet of its size and composition. The Korri are more interested in acquiring and selling trade goods from other races.
  • Places of Note: The vast majority of Korri habitations on the planet are self-contained underwater cities. The engineering feats of such an accomplishment are rivaled by their sheer beauty.
  • Ship Facilities: Beta Korrilae II has three main orbiting platforms for ship maintenance/repair and cargo transfers
  • Other Details: