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Four Letter Code CULL
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Cullum IV, Outlying Territories region, Valcarian Imperial Republic, Beta Quadrant
Encountered ATL: "Hidden Hand"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N-
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Cullum are not native to the Par'tha Expanse, but thanks to their extensive trade networks, they have had a major presence on most Par'tha worlds for many centuries. They are the majority species on the Freeworld of Calavar, and have begun to buy titles in House Rettaan, a heretofore unheard of procedure for non-Caraadians.

Cullum are huge bipeds, averaging between 1.5 to 1.9 meters tall, and are seemingly made out of stone or metal. Cullum have an unusual metabolism and can manufacture extremely hard compounds, which then form small scales or plates on the outside of the skin, providing durable body armor. In effect, they are encased in living metal or stone. These amiable aliens wear a minimum of clothing, normally limited to only belts or pouches to carry goods.

The Cullum became traders and explorers early in their history, reaching the stars of their neighboring systems about the same time as the Senali were reaching theirs. The Cullum people are essentially a loosely grouped band of traders and merchants. They are fanatically interested in haggling and trading with other species.

Cullum IV was hit hard by the Valcarian Empire, for its manufacturing centers were among the first to be commandeered during the latest resurgence of Expansionism. The otherwise docile species tried to fight back, but the endless slaughter which followed convinced them to be pragmatic about the situation. It was not practical to die fighting a superior enemy, the Cullum decided. When the smoke cleared and the dead were buried, they submitted completely to the Empire's will. Fortunately, they ceased resistance while their infrastructure was still intact.

Cullum can be encountered throughout the Expanse, though they are more likely to be seen on technologically advanced worlds or in spaceports or recreation centers. There are Cullumtowns in just about every metropolis in the Par'tha Expanse, and Cullum-owned businesses are not unusual in the Freeworlds Region, even in the face of Imperial anti-alien sentiments. Cullum are in the majority on Calavar, and dominate its political agenda.

Once introduced to some type of game of chance, a fever seems to come over a Cullum. He spends his free time - and his credits - trying to develop a "system" that will make him rich.

The Cullum are also somewhat sensitive about their size. Living in a galaxy with being which are mostly smaller than they are has made Cullum somewhat self-conscious of their size. As most galactic facilities are built to accommodate humanoid dimensions, the Cullum feel uncomfortable, crowded, and out of place when away from their homeworld or in their ships. They must take up two seats in restaurants and transports because of their bulk. Most doorways need a bit of maneuvering to get through.