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Par'tha Expanse

Comparison between the sizes of planets Earth and Aetna.
Initial estimation of planet Aetna's trajectory.
  • Planet Name: Aetna
  • Location: Interstellar space, edge of Larokon Province with Barahn Province , Par'tha Expanse
  • Class: R
  • System Data: None
  • Satellites: None
  • Mean radius: 9,438 Km
  • Mass: 1.4276 x 10^25 Kg
  • Gravity: 10.73 G
  • Surface Temperature: 37 K (-237 ºC)
  • Year and Day: ?
  • Atmosphere: Primarily volcanic outgassing near South Pole. Water Vapor.
  • Hydrosphere: Entirely covered by an water ice sheet.
  • Climate: Glaciated
  • Sapient Species: Non-Existent
  • Technological Classification: None
  • Government: None
  • Culture: None
  • Affiliation: None
  • Resources: Immense quantities of frozen Water
  • Places of Note: South pole (giant crack)
  • Ship Facilities: None
  • Other Details: Planet was discovered during an away mission by USS Atlantis. Stardate: 239501.31