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  • Planet Name: Nanaria
  • Location: Par'tha Expanse
  • Class: M (Class K terraformed)
  • System Data: Nanaria system
  • Satellites: Nanaria has no moon
  • Gravity: 1.2 G
  • Year and Day: 361/24
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with ozone and carbon dioxide content, at Earth-normal pressure
  • Hydrosphere: Arid, with 0% surface water
  • Climate: Cool and temperate
  • Sapient Species: 1.2 billion, mostly Caraadians
  • Technological Classification: Rating N on the Richter Scale
  • Government: Nanaria Trade Cooperative
  • Culture: Mining Colony
  • Affiliation: Freeworlds Region Council member
  • Resources: raw materials, automated robots and robotic parts
  • Ship Facilities: Nanaria has one major land-based starport

Other Details: Nanaria was terraformed and settled by colonists centuries ago. Despite their best efforts, the soil is still poor and the land is not productive. The only growth is a few species of moss and fungi imported by the colonists to prevent soil erosion. There are no major bodies of water. The red and gray mountains are arid and enshrouded in constant smog. Although safe to breathe, the atmosphere is dim and constantly overcast.

Despite the grim environment, Nanaria is a surprisingly pleasant planet to live on. Its cities are located in huge caverns that scroll through the subsurface of the planet. The advantages of this arrangement are numerous. First, the cities are located near large underground rivers and seas, providing fresh water to the population. Second, heating and cooling of living areas is not needed due to the constant underground temperature.

Culture: The colonists that settled on Nanaria originated from Vaedan. Frustrated in their terraforming attempts, the inhabitants have focused their efforts on developing underground cities. Their domed caverns are decked out with atriums, gardens, natural-looking brooks and ponds, plus "outdoor" malls and plazas. They have imported small animals and even low-light intensity plants to inhabit their artificial ecosystem. The ceilings are painted cheery blue and augmented with holography to simulate times of day and seasonal variations.

Government: Nanaria is ruled by the Nanaria Trade Cooperative (NTC), which is made up of prominent business leaders. Nominally, everyone on the NTC board has an equal say in how the world is to be governed, but in reality the representatives of Staffa Heavy Ores dominate proceedings, because it is the mining company which keeps the planetary economy healthy and stable. Staffa officials seldom throw their weight around - but put a definite stop to anything which might threaten their interests. Brutally, if necessary.

Economy: Nanaria's primary business is mining the ore-rich depths of the planet. In an effort to preserve their precious underground cities, all mining complexes and refineries are located on the surface. The ore is smelted into pure ingots and shipped out to the intergalactic markets.

In addition to the mining industry, Nanaria has a sizable robotics manufacturing industry. LIN Corporation, spearheaded by their popular bodyguard line of robots, is the planet's most successful private corporation. It exports robots, robotic components, and even micro computer chips to market across the entire expanse.

Allies: Of the Freeworlds, Nanaria has the closest ties with Rettaan, which settled the Freeworld centuries ago as one of its first colonies. House Rettaan and Nanaria have been trading partners for centuries, and seem happy with the current arrangement.

Points of Interest: Being situated on the Kaen'anti Bypass, the Nanaria Starport saw a huge volume of traffic. Because of this, the starport caters to the public, featuring entertainment, shopping outlets, and fine restaurants. This revitalization has generated sizable credits in addition to the profits taken in from re-supply stations.

The many underground parks and nature preserves are a popular attraction. However, most of these parks are privately owned by individuals and companies. A specific invitation is usually required to gain entry.