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Stellar Cartography
Region Par'tha Expanse
Sector Lanaxa Province
System Yrocyn system
Sun(s) 1: Cyn
Moon(s) 1: Vant
Class M
Atmosphere Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with ozone and carbon dioxide content, at Earth-normal pressure
Hydrosphere Moderate, with 68% surface water
Climate Moderate and temperate
Gravity 1.01G
Points of interest Par'tha Arts and Sports Complex, orbiting casinos
Length of Day 27h
Length of Year 320d
Native species Caraadians
Other species various
Official Language various
Population 750,000 permanent; millions of tourists
Technological Classification N
Exports none
Affiliation House Lanaxa
Government Aristocracy
Yrocyn system Star   I   II   III   IIIa
  • Ship Facilities: Yrocyn has five land and space-based starports

Yrocyn is a small planet with a pleasant climate. The planet has three main continents, all situated near the equatorial region. The continents are composed of forests and rolling hills at the foot of majestic snow-covered mountains. Yrocyn has deep bright blue-green oceans that teem with millions of fascinating creatures.

Yrocyn's atmosphere bustles with incoming and outgoing traffic at all hours. Tens of thousands of tourists come and go each day, making this planet the most visited in the Par'tha Expanse. Despite its location in Lanaxa province, Yrocyn is open to all galactic citizens, including rival lords from other houses.

Yrocyn's continents are lightly settled in various locations. These sites tend to be centered around popular recreational activities, so it's common to find small city sprawls near huge forests, or along popular seacoasts. There are also a pair of large urban centers, Prestor and Denedin. These urban centers (not cities) are pristine, featuring unique sculpted architecture.


The permanent population on Yrocyn consists of a melting pot of Caraadians and aliens from throughout the sector. All of these inhabitants are employed by the Yrocyn government to support the planet's only industry: tourism. As such, all inhabitants are treated equally, with fair pay and an excellent benefits package.

Each urban center has developed species-specific districts, essentially a home away from home. And since the planet caters to multiculture recreation, employees have many outlets to unwind. From Naylar drama houses to Prelian art galleries, it's not uncommon for a tourist to experience several of these activities in a single day.


Yrocyn's economy is, not surprisingly, based on its tourism. The resulting revenue goes into a single fund, where it is divided into overhead costs, wages, profits, and House Lanaxa's share. This allocation is overseen by a neutral arbiter in the employ of House Lanaxa. A council of employees determines the fate of the profit share, which is usually earmarked for introducing the newest galactic entertainment trends.

Points of Interest

Technically speaking, the planet Yrocyn is one point of interest after another. Among the more popular attractions is the Par'tha Arts and Sports Complex (PASC). PASC contains huge stadiums and arenas to host concerts and sporting events, including anti-gravball, shockboxing, various forms of vehicle racing, and most forms of animal racing.

The urban centers are filled with restaurants, theaters, and art galleries. Recently, the addition of a few prominent museums has attracted droves of tourists. Drinking halls, casinos, and nightclubs round out the night scene.

Outside of the urban centers are numerous opportunities for recreation. The snow-covered mountains provide ample locations for winter sports, and several fully staffed lodges dot the slopes. Even the planet's oceans support various maritime activities from undersea tours (in vessels with transparasteel hulls) to watersports above and below the water's surface.

Orbiting Yrocyn are four distinctly unique casinos, and at any given time, at least half a dozen luxury cruisers are stationed in the atmosphere. Yrocyn has a single moon, Vant, overgrown with tangled forests. This moon is maintained as a huge preserve, and all manner of nasty creatures have been imported to satisfy even the most daring of galactic hunters. Each royal house maintains an orbiting guild hall around the moon. These are places to plan expeditions, swap tales, and celebrate deep into the night, while hunting during the day.