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Kala'din system

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Par'tha Geography
Spatial Phenomena
Map of the Par'tha Expanse
JenatrisCloud.png Jenatris Cloud
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Norlin Nebula.jpg Norlian Nebula
Jenatris Corridor Siiden Passage
K'tem Hyperlane
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Jirissa Gardens Lastelle Island
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OP89D.jpg Outpost Ganzera
Neighboring Regions
RSE Solerian Sector
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Kala'din system Star   I   II   III   Belt   IV   V   VI   VI   VIII
  • System Name: Kala'din
  • Indigenous Name: Kala'din
  • Affiliation: Independent, Freeworlds Council Member
  • System Type: Single: Kala'din (Type G3 V, a yellow main sequence)
  • Inhabited Planets: Kala'din III (Class L), Kala'din IV (Class M)
  • Other Planets: Kala'din I (Class B), Kala'din II (Class K), Kala'din V (Class J), Kala'din VI (Class I), Kala'din VII (Class A), Kala'din VIII (Class C)
  • Other Stellar Objects: one minor asteroid belt, between the third and fourth planets
  • Artificial Objects: Upon casual inspection, Kala'din IV contains the only artificially constructed objects in the system; several dozen satellites and a rudimentary space station. Unobserved by most are more than 400 cloaked space stations and artificial habitats in various orbits throughout the system.
  • System in a Sentence (SIS): The home system of the Naylar species.