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House Barahn: Rulers of Barahn Province in the Par'tha Expanse

Values: To all outward appearances, Barahn is the conservative sibling of all the houses. House Barahn cares little for politics and bureaucratic red tape. Its members tend to be thin on patience, but have an admirable tenacity when it comes to turning a legitimate profit. It prefers alliances with the most powerful allies, in an effort to avoid long, drawn-out political maneuvering.

High Lord: Lord Harom Nitrelka has ruled House Barahn with a benign hand for 87 years. At the age of 108, he is banished to a repulsorchair and requires a permanent link to a portable life support system. These days, he rarely ventures off planet, so it's become necessary for advisors and assistants to represent him at the Great Council.

By making shrewd business deals and careful economic decisions, Nitrelka has brought Barahn through the many crises which have rocked the sector since the Romulan Empire's disappearance and the appearance of the Valcarians. Despite the house's relative success and stability, a younger, more aggressive generation of leaders is making a push to remove Nitrelka from power. They see Barahn's resources under-utilized, and feel that with aggressive leadership, Barahn could replace House Larokon as the highest ranking house.

Description: Barahn controls more systems than any other house aside from Larokon. But of the thirteen, only two are heavily populated, Barahn and New Paldor. The remainder are ore-rich systems dotted with small mining settlements. These systems are Barahn's main source of income.

Barahn Province has not always been so large. When the Romulans routed dissenters out of House Kerraron, and Larokon moved in to finish the deed, eight of Kerraron's systems became available. With the support of Larokon, Barahn seized control of these systems.

House Barahn finds its new province somewhat large and unwieldy, and has a difficult time policing the province with its small fleet. More ships are desperately needed - pirate fleets are beginning to exploit the weakness by hitting cargo convoys filled with ore. Imperial patrols must devote more time to protecting Barahn than other houses, which is beginning to annoy the Valcarian governor.

Allies: Barahn is allied with House Larokon, but the alliance is one borne of convenience, not friendship or loyalty. If Tadere or another house were to dethrone Larokon as the top power of the sector, Barahn would throw its support to the newcomer. It really doesn't matter who is at the top, as long as Barahn is allied with that house. By necessity, Barahn also calls Beruna an ally, completing the triumvirate that currently holds sway in Great Council votes.

Enemies: As a result of the triumvirate, House Tadere is an enemy of Barahn. To a lesser extent, Lanaxa is considered an enemy, but mostly in name. Since the fall of Kerraron and the acquisition of its eight systems, relations with Rettaan have been cool, and downright frigid with Kerraron. For a long while, Kerraron banned Barahn ships from its space, but recently relented and now allows them through - after paying a stiff tariff.

Assets: Barahn is on the verge of an economic explosion. With the relatively recent addition of eight systems, mining operation efforts have nearly tripled. However, the acquisition of such an expansive territory does not come without huge overhead costs. In the past few years, the house has actually shown quite a profit loss while purchasing new equipment, ships, and facilities necessary to keep up with the new demands. Despite this, investors can sense the potential boom, and continue to support Barahn's tedious expansion.