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Deep Space 10 (DSX) (also known as Creshan'na Riyas by the Cardassians) is a space station in the Menthar Corridor. Of ancient alien construction, Deep Space 10 is used as a base of both Federation and Cardassian operations in the region. A growing staff of personnel from both powers maintain and repair the installation, as well as explore its many sealed compartments.

DSX orbits the fourth planet of the Eta Corvi system, a class-O world (about 83% water, with several large islands) that can support humanoid life, has indigenous life, but does not support an intelligent species.

DSX maintains its own roster of personnel assigned solely to the station. Civilians have also began to make their way onto the station, providing a variety of services — and competition for the nearby Menthar Anchorage,

The station is also known for its population of giant cybernetic spiders and other arthropods deep within its facilities and out of sight to most visitors that are used by the station's computer to maintain the station and may have been involved with its initial construction long ago.


Deep Space 10


Deep Space 10 was originally discovered by the crew of the USS Mercury in the summer of 2389. On the lookout for a place for a bit of shore leave, they discovered the abandoned station and set about exploring it. Away teams discovered that it had been abandoned centuries before and that it had been built by a race no longer operating in the Menthar Corridor; the crew named that race the Menthar. Communiques dispatched to Starfleet authorized the Federation (or, in the case of the lone Mercury, the Mercury's) takeover and subsequent rehabilitation of the station. Appropriately, the old Deep Space 10, located beyond the Romulan Star Empire, was recently decommissioned, freeing up the name to match that of its sister station on the other side of Cardassian space.


Deep Space 10

In earlier 2390, Star Fleet Command sent a SCE contingent to get Deep Space 10 operational. Despite challenging circumstances and the loss of most of the original SCE team, Star Fleet still believed in the potential of the ancient space station. Through a combined effort of the SCE team and the crew of the USS Mercury, Deep Space 10 was made safe to live in and further Star Fleet personnel and equipment was sent into the Menthar Corridor to further ensure the station's prosperity. Although DSX was deemed a safe working environment it still requires a massive amount of repair work to be done. This repair work will only increase the capabilities of the station. Among the Star Fleet personnel to be assigned to DSX was Commander Melitta Herodion, she would become the new commanding officer of the station. Commander Herodion was tasked with getting the station fully operational and repaired to it's former glory as well as to follow up on any future diplomatic opportunities discovered by the USS Mercury. To that end Commander Herodion was also given command of a freshly built Argonaut Class Runabout for occasions when she needs to leave Deep Space 10.

Following the near destruction of the Mercury in late 2390, the Galaxy class USS Garuda was assigned to the Menthar Corridor, with DSX serving as her base of operations.


Beginning in mid-2391, DSX began running under a new joint operations agreement between the Federation and the Cardassian Union.

In late 2391, the new terrorist organization known as the Maquis Reborn, led by Nikael Kalre, made their first strike, seizing control of Deep Space 10. Kalre and his compatriots locked the station into a quarantine protocol, trapping its residents, and killed the Cardassian co-commanding officer Gul Tolas Dajhul in a dramatic bombing of the station's medical center. In his message to the Federation, Kalre demanded the release of all remaining Maquis prisoners from Federation penitentiaries in six hours or he would destroy DSX. The crew of the USS Garuda were able to thwart Kalre's plans, but the terrorist leader escaped from the station before he could be captured.


The opening of Astrofori One diverts station personnel and civilian residents to the new "forum among the stars," and Deep Space 10 is slated for decommissioning. However, the Cardassian Union resists, seeing the move as a threat to its influence in the region, since the Union holds minor representation aboard Astrofori One and lacks persuasive voting power in its governance. After some initial protests by Cardassian officials that accused the Federation of not acting in good faith when they originally signed the joint operations agreement one year earlier, the Federation (not wishing for the disagreement to worsen otherwise warming post-war diplomatic relations) reaffirms its original agreement to keep the facility open and operate it with the Cardassians. Ambassador Lily Ventu, now Secretary of the Exterior for the Federation, was instrumental in negotiating the agreement that allowed DSX to continue to operate jointly after Astrofori One was commissioned.

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