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System Layout: Eta Corvi · I · II · III · IV · V · VI · VII

The Eta Corvi system is a planetary system located in the Ephum Bevis sector of the Menthar Corridor and home to the Corvians. With the establishment of Deep Space 10, the system serves as Starfleet's base of operations in the region.


  • Eta Corvi: A class G (Yellow) star.

Planetary System

The ocean world Eta Corvi IV
  • Eta Corvi I:
  • Eta Corvi II:
  • Eta Corvi III:
  • Eta Corvi IV: Also known as Corvia IV, this class O planet is about 83% water with several islands exhibiting a tropical climate. Although initially presumed to be uninhabited of sentient life, the USS Mercury discovered in mid-2389 the existence of a species known as the Corvians that lived in underwater cities, among them the city of Corvia. Due to their pre-warp status, the planet has subsequently been declared off-limits with Prime Directive protections. An ancient space station orbits the planet and has since been rehabilitated and established as Deep Space 10.
  • Eta Corvi V: Just inside the system's habitable zone, the M class planet is small and rocky with snow covered mountains.
  • Eta Corvi VI:
  • Eta Corvi VII: