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Starfleet Facilities


The nerve centre of the station, Ops monitors and controls many of the station's functions — at least, the ones that Starfleet currently knows about. It also houses the joint offices of the station's two commanding officers, one from the Federation Starfleet and one from the Cardassian Union.

Medical Level

Housing much of the original medical facilities, the Medical Level is now home to the station's science contingent as well, including the station's library.

JAG Offices

Tucked away in a cramped corner of the station, the offices of the JAG Corps on Deep Space 10 are barely fit for purpose. The few staff assigned there share a communal workspace, with only the lead Judge Advocate having a personal office (and that is so small that they may well prefer to take their work out in the communal space). There are a couple of interview rooms available for speaking with witnesses or individuals under investigation, with a full suite of recording equipment installed.

Intelligence Module

Fondly referred to as The Crate by its assigned personnel, Starfleet Intelligence has founded its base inside one of the station's cargo bays. An independent module, complete with its own power and air supplies, the module is camouflaged as a large stack of crates and cargo containers, while the bay itself is permanently listed as unusable and awaiting repair. Its existence is currently kept on a 'need to know' basis; currently that is limited to the CO of the Garuda and the station.

Menthar Memories

Menthar Memories is what passes for a crew lounge aboard Deep Space 10. Dilapidated and worn, the bar is staffed from a pool of off-duty volunteers, and is located in a part of the station that provides a splendid view of the planet orbiting below.

Commercial Quadrant

Also known as the Comm Quad — or far more informally, the Kumquat — is the section of the station that most civilian businesses operate from. Despite the dilapidated state of the station, the Comm Quad is relatively picturesque as it encircles the station's central arboretum, offering each of the businesses a lush and verdant view. Although mostly populated by civilians, it falls under the governance of the station's Starfleet administration.

Civilian Facilities

Food and Drink

There are several restaurants and cafés open to all residents and visitors to the station. By and large, they are located in the commercial quadrant, taking advantage of the heavy footfall that passes through that area.

Burnt Cow House
Commercial Quadrant A retro-style hamburger joint found on the Comm Quad, part of a chain run throughout the Alpha quadrant. The burgers taste almost, but not quite, entirely unlike a burger one could get from, say, a Burgerland fast food restaurant from 21st century Earth, featuring vat-grown food.

Oddly enough, the soft drink somehow managed to exactly replicate the old A&W rootbeer, and that (and the occasional curious alien "going out for a Terran") has managed to keep them in excellent business.

Jalanda Palace
Commercial Quadrant An elegant and welcoming restaurant in the Comm Quad, the Jalanda Palace serves a variety of Bajoran foods and drinks.
Jikku's Tastes of Home
Commercial Quadrant The first civilian restaurant to be established on DSX, Jikku's is owned and run by Mela Giron, a female Bolian, and located in the Commercial Quadrant. Popular, although the food and beverages on offer are often politely described as 'unique'.
Tea in the Sky
Commercial Quadrant The Tea in the Sky is an Earth style Café, owned and run by a former Starfleet Officer, Nick Parks. It is located in the Comm Quad and offers a wide selection of teas, hot drinks and baked goods from across the known galaxy in a quaint, homey atmosphere.
The Watering Hole
Commercial Quadrant Dark, dingy and tucked away into one of the smallest compartments of the Comm Quad, the Watering Hole serves from a massive selection of real alcohol and very much looks like it doesn't want any customers. As a result, it tends to attract those looking to drink hard or make deals of questionable legality - and sometimes, both. The barkeep, Tessa, rules with an iron rod and won't hesitate to throw out anyone looking as though they may cause trouble.

Health and Fitness

The Gym
Commercial Quadrant The Gym is exactly what it claims to be, and is owned and run by Sakic Urdin, an Antican businessman, with his four members of staff. Located in the Comm Quad, it is open to both Starfleet and civilian personnel, and offers a variety of facilities, including fully-featured changing facilities, cardiovascular and weight-training equipment, and sparring/fighting rings.
The Pit
Docks Unusually eschewing a location in the Comm Quad, and instead opting for a spot near the docks, The Pit is a rough-and-tumble facility, a bar with a fighting ring as centrepiece. There are multiple pits where contestants descend to face the occupants of a different pit in unarmed physical combat via holographic simulation, to the cheers and jeers of the other patrons.

While the entire thing is perfectly legal (and surprisingly safe, despite all appearances to the contrary), the ambiance of such goes out of its way to imply that neither is true. The rarely-seen Bynar owners have even requested that Federation personnel do not attend in uniform, as it sends quite the wrong message to the attendees.

Vacuum Tube
Docks Located near the bottom of one of DSX's less populated sections, Starfleet engineers believe this section was once a large turboshaft that, before the station was abandoned by its original owners, may have served as a cargo lift to a section of the station that was apparently jettisoned. Now sealed off and essentially useless, a Caitian civilian has purchased it and converted it into a climbing gym. Its four walls are covered in different climbing routes, and gravity can be modified on each wall to provide a larger or lesser challenge.

Transportation and Security

Docks Operating near the docks, the Perfectly Legitimate Protection Company (PLPC), is run by two Cardassians, Mara Joset and Nala Delak, although they hire other species without discrimination. The exact size of their operation is currently unknown, and they provide perfectly legal armed escorts of both ship and individual variety (although not on the station itself, or in the station's immediate vicinity). The rooms they have rented on DSX are purely for sales, relaxation, and recuperation of employees injured while on Perfectly Legitimate Operations.

Their name in Cardassian roughly translates to "the gentle touch of your lover who does not yet realize that you know that he has betrayed you".

Sardin Transportation Services
Docks A small transport business owned and operated by Nurvin Mold, a Yridian businessman. The operation is relatively small, with two receptionists and four warehouse employees on staff. The business front is a modest office located on the Comm Quad, and currently rents four cargo bays and two docking ports. There are two ships in the transport fleet; older freighters that each have four rooms set aside for passengers.