To Boldly Go... (Invicta)

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To Boldly Go...

  • Stardate 239309 to 239311

The Invicta crew, manning the USS Venture, are returning home from the Khitomer Accords centennial when they are suddenly swept back in time and space to the year 2267 and the old Klingon Neutral Zone.

"Space, the final frontier..."

Fifty years ago this month, those words were heard on television sets for the first time, and in the half century since, Star Trek has become one of the most enduring pop culture phenomenons across the globe. To celebrate this anniversary, our mission is a tribute to that first series, the original Star Trek that aired from 1966 to 1969, ending just one month shy of Apollo 11's lunar landing.

Live long and prosper, and let's have some fun!


Venture Crew

Avatars created by Raissa Moonsong.

USS Venture Crew Manifest
Commanding Ofc.
Roshanara Rahman
First Officer
Sky Blake
Second Officer
Tristam Core
Intelligence Ofc.
Rune Jolara
Ryan King
Chief Engineer
Luna Walker
Danni James
Carter Greyson
Kessa T'Dara
Tech. Consultant
Alton Vines
Operations Ofc.
Chief of Security
Hanar Tuk
Security Ofc./SAR
Security Ofc.
Zhou Tai-Sheng
Chief Science Ofc.
Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
Stiftany Harik
Chief Medical Ofc.
Raj Blueheart
Ship's Counselor
Raissa Moonsong
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Mission Summary

After getting the old Constitution class USS Venture turned from a museum ship into a working vessel again for parade celebrations for the centennial anniversary of the Khitomer Accords, the Invicta crew were returning home from Khitomer when they suddenly found themselves swept back in time through a rift to the year 2267, now in the old Klingon Neutral Zone. A group of Klingon battle cruisers set upon them, but as the Venture made their escape into a nearby nebula to hide, the Klingon ships themselves were quickly destroyed by the planet killer aka the Doomsday Machine that is heading on its way towards Federation space, where history records that it will encounter the USS Constellation and the USS Enterprise before eventually being defeated by Kirk and his crew.

However, the planet killer threatened to destroy the remaining planets in the Kavos system, where a landing party from the Venture has been sent to retrieve a group of Klingon survivors on the surface, among them, the future Chancellor Gorkon, who helped broker peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire at Khitomer. Unfortunately, the landing party on Kavos IV discovered that Gorkon died from his injuries. Meanwhile another team from the Venture went via shuttle craft to one of the wrecks of the Klingon ships to salvage much needed dilithium crystals for the Venture.

The landing parties returned to the Venture along with the Klingon survivors. The crew were now tasked with slowing down the planet killer to make their escape. Two shuttles, one piloted by a Klingon named Ukith and the other piloted by Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara were rigged with torpedoes to self-destruct and headed towards the mouth of the planet killer while the Venture provided cover fire. During the battle, Ukith was killed when his shuttle was hit by the planet killer's antiproton beam. Jolara was beamed back aboard at the final moment, and the Venture launched into warp speed just before her shuttle exploded in the maw of the planet killer, leaving it disabled but able to repair itself to continue onward to meet the Constellation and Enterprise.

As the crew faced the prospect of repairing the damage to the timeline and finding a way to save Gorkon using the slingshot timewarp maneuver, they first headed towards the Klingon side of the Neutral Zone to return the Klingon survivors to their government. The Venture was soon met by a fleet of forty Klingon warships, which had been assembled to fight the planet killer. After Captain Rahman explained that the device was neutralized, the general of the Klingon armada thanked Rahman and the crew of the Venture, and they learned that he was in fact General Gorkon, the man who would become the future Chancellor and peacemaker. Though he learned that his son Gorkon the Second had perished, the general was grateful to know he had died with honor, and the seeds of peace towards a better future between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets were planted before the Venture crew returned home to the 24th century.

Crew Logs

Roshanara Rahman

Captain’s Log, Stardate 239309.17

With the celebrations now over, the Invicta and the other ships in the parade are returning to their respective areas of operation. The skeleton crew of the Venture and I are heading back towards Federation space to rendezvous with the USS Artemis, which will transport the Venture back to the Sol system.

Currently, the twenty officers of the “Venture crew” have been assigned to the following duty posts and stations:


  • Commanding officer Capt. Roshanara Rahman
  • First officer Lt. Cmdr. Sky Blake
  • Chief science officer Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
  • Helmsman Ensign Ryan King
  • Operations officer Lt. Cmdr. Pandora
  • Intelligence officer Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara
  • Chief of security Lt. JG Hanar Tuk

Main Engineering:

  • Chief engineer Lt. Cmdr. Luna Walker
  • Engineering officer Ensign Iris Macoy
  • Engineering specialist Lt. Cmdr. Tristam Core
  • Engineering officer Lt. JG Danni James
  • Technical consultant Alton Vines
  • Engineering apprentice/diplomatic officer Ens. Ceilidh Riverview


  • Chief medical officer Dr. Raj Blueheart
  • Medical officer Dr. Rosalee
  • Medical officer Dr. Umi Kaj
  • Ship’s counselor Lt. Cmdr. Raissa Moonsong
  • Science officer Ensign Stiftany Harik
  • Security officer/SAR team leader Cmdr. Kelrod
  • Security officer/SAR team member Cmdr. Zhou Tai-Sheng

As I reflect on the past few days, I still have questions left unanswered about what Chatok had said about this ship’s place in history. All evidence points to him being mistaken. The Venture, under the command of Commodore De Luca--who has no relation to me nor my parents’ families on Earth--was operating on the other side of the quadrant at the time of this supposed incident. And as Chatok noted, there are no other records to back up what he claims. Kinan and the other Federation officials have advised to just nod politely and treat it all as an imaginative Klingon poet who enjoyed the chance to tell a tall tale in front of such a high-profile audience.

Still, he met with me later that night, and what I felt from him was genuine and not just a legend or story he’d heard. He truly believed that this ship and my ancestor played such a fundamental role in history. Well, I suppose it’s at least something to ponder and perhaps some part of me wants to believe as well.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain’s Log, Stardate... 4201

With the engineering systems reset, we were able to restore limited warp capability powered by the ship’s impulse engines, but without a new dilithium crystal, Commander Walker and her engineers advise me that we’ll have to, as Mr. Vines puts it, “get out and push” if we want to get anywhere else.

We’re now in orbit of Kavos IV, the planet killer proceeding along to the third planet for now. By our estimates, it will have destroyed and consumed Kavos III within the next six hours and moved on to this planet, so we don’t have that much time to rescue Gorkon and his men. The situation is only made more difficult in that we need to first convince the Klingons to trust us—and make them think we’re of this century. They have not responded to our hails from orbit, so we need to send an away team to make direct contact with them.

I have sent an away team led by Commander Pandora and consisting of Commander Jolara, Doctor Blueheart, Counselor Moonsong, and Commander Kelrod. Their mission is to find the Klingon survivors and offer our aid to them.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain’s Log, Supplemental

We retrieved the landing party and the surviving Klingons from Kavos IV just in time before the planet killer began tearing it apart. Thanks to Engineering's torpedo-turned-subspace relay, we've managed to restablish communications with the other shuttle team and are headed there at high impulse.

Of course, the question now is what to do about Gorkon's premature demise. Will we even have a future to return to? Do we need to find a way to go back in time earlier to prevent his death? Were we somehow responsible? I don't have any answers. The Chatok I met at the ceremony... his story mentioned none of this. Tensions are high as well between our Klingon guests and some members of the crew. It seems the 23rd century Klingons are quite a bit more difficult than even the kind we're used to in our century, which I honestly had always found a bit gnarly myself...

Ahem. The crew and I for now remain focused foremost on our very survival.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain’s Log, Stardate 4201.9.

We are approaching the edge of Klingon space along the old Neutral Zone. Though the planet killer was temporarily disabled, the subspace interference that remains assures us that we did not outright destroy it. Though it is a morbid thought, the device is destined to repair itself and continue on its way to the L-374 system where it will encounter the USS Constellation and eventually face off against Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. My crew and I are perfectly content to leave the glory of history to those legendary figures.

Lt. Cmdrs. Pandora and DeVeau have worked out the calculations to perform the slingshot maneuver to get us back to the 24th century, and Walker assures me the nacelles won't fly off if we do it. This old ship is truly an engineering marvel. We are also prepared to go back to before our arrival in the 23rd century to see if we can save Gorkon. I don't want to think of the temporal paradoxes and potential headaches ahead, so I've decided to wait until after we return our guests to their government.