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Immediate Family


Adelynn Rosek
Lael's mother, A 56 year old civilian merchant.
Adelynn is an independent merchant who resides on Earth and also delivers cargo for clients. She's very materialistic, narcissistic, and controlling. She abhors anything that harms her reputation or embarrasses her and she has no patience for stupidity or ignorance. Because of her narcissistic nature, she thinks that she's always right and hates when people question her. Lael's relationship with her mother is extremely strained due to her mother's high, and at times, unreasonable expectations of her.

A. ROSEK: ::snorts:: I just found out recently that my last hope for grandchildren has decided to follow in his sister's footsteps. How do you think I am, Lael?

L. ROSEK: ::stiffens:: Mom--

A. ROSEK: ::waves her off:: No. No. I'm sorry. ::exhales heavily:: That wasn't necessary. ::pauses:: I'm fine, dear. How are you doing? I heard from your brother that you broke it off with that Doctor, Jasel--

L. ROSEK: ::sighs:: Janel, Mom. o0Great. What else did big mouth tell her?0o

A. ROSEK:::waves a hand dismissively:: Janel. Whatever. ::points a finger chastisingly:: I told you he wasn't good enough for you. ::rolls her eyes:: Of course, you're so stubborn. You never listen to me and always end up wishing you had.

Catching Up With Friends and Family Part III, 2393
Aldek Desai
Aldek-Desai No-Belt.jpg
Lael's father, a 59-year-old Al-Leyan Ambassador.
Aldek is an Ambassdor on Luraul. Lael recently met her father and has discovered his side of the family has unexplained empathic abilities. Since their initial meeting, the two have grown close and enjoy a strong father-daughter relationship. He is very soft spoken and dotes on his daughter, providing a calming influence in Lael's life. He has been a rock through Lael's recent difficulties in re-adjusting to life in her home universe, including the break-up of her and Jansen's engagement as well as the development of her telepathic and empathic bond with Chythar Skyfire. Getting to know her father has given Lael a sense of self that she lacked prior to meeting him.

DESAI: ::murmurs in Esperanto:: Any system that would judge my daughter as anything less than the amazing woman that she is can’t possibly be considered just.

Lael smiled, laying a hand on her father’s cheek.

ROSEK: ::murmurs in Esperanto:: I’m so lucky to have a dad like you. ::pauses:: I spent my whole life wondering what you were like.

DESAI: ::chuckles:: ::in Esperanto:: I hope I’ve met your expectations.

ROSEK: ::smiles:: ::in Esperanto:: On the contrary. You’ve far exceeded them.

A Strange Land, 2394


Kellan Rosek
Lael's twin brother, a 26 year old civilian doctor.
Kellan is currently a pediatric doctor working at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia on Earth. He is typically very introverted and very private. Like his sister, he is very ambitious and resourceful with strong intuition and a mature outlook on life. The only person that he truly trusts is Lael, therefore he will open up to her more so than any others. Prior to her time Over There, he was her confidante. However, since returning, events have put a strain on their relationship. They aren't as close as they were before.

K. Rosek: ::laughs nervously:: Damn, Lae. You don’t do anything by halves, do you?

L. ROSEK: ::chuckles:: Apparently not. ::pauses:: I assume you heard about my new charge.

K. ROSEK: ::nods:: Elina told me.

L. ROSEK: ::mutters:: I love her, but she can’t keep things to herself to save her life.

K. ROSEK: When?

L. ROSEK: ::pauses:: Probably after Luraul. I’m going to stay with Dad for a few days.

Lael watched as her brother stiffened at the comment and she sighed. Kellan still hadn’t come to terms with the fact that their mother had lied to them. In fact, Lael hadn’t spoken personally to Adelynn since before the memorial in the Japanese tea gardens. She’d sent written communiques out of respect, even though she had none for the woman at this precise moment.

K. ROSEK: ::mutters:: I still don’t understand how you’re even talking to him.

L. ROSEK: ::sighs:: He’s our Dad, Kell. I’ve spent my whole life I finally have a chance to know. After the mess...over there...if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s don’t let pride stop you from doing things you’ll only wish later that you had.

K. ROSEK: ::nods:: Just...give me some time.

L. ROSEK: ::smiles wanly:: Just don’t take too much...or you might miss your chance. Life is too short to live with regrets.

K. ROSEK: ::murmurs:: I’ll keep that in mind. ‘Night, Lae.

L. ROSEK: Good night, Kellan.

Catching Up, 2394

Spouse and Children

Chythar Skyfire
A 38 year old Starfleet Medical Officer and barista of the Brew Continuum aboard the USS Chin'toka, Lael's husband.
Chythar is currently a Starfleet Medical Officer and the barista of the Brew Continuum serving aboard the USS Chin'toka. They became close during the Anuus Horribilis mission aboard the Gorkon. Lael considers him to be one of closest confidantes and the two are best friends as well as lovers. As an extension of their friendship, the two began exploring an intimate relationship on stardate 239701.27. Nearly a year later on stardate 239701.16, Chythar proposed to Lael in the presence of colleagues and friends. They were married on stardate 2398.10.31 in the presence of family, colleagues, and friends. They are the parents of adopted daughter Madeline Skyfire.

Looking up, she arched an eyebrow at him.

ROSEK: Whatever gave you that idea?

Despite her best attempts to keep the sarcasm out of her tone, she knew there was a bit more bite to the comment than she’d intended. She grimaced and sighed.

ROSEK: It really hurts. Do you think I could lean on you to get to the couch?

The beagle obediently backed off and went quiet as he made his way toward his food dish. Alongside it was the pet bed Mei’konda had given them aboard the Astraeus. Devlin watched quietly as he munched on his kibble as Chythar helped Lael to the couch.

SKYFIRE: Nothing. Just making conversation, is all.

He helped her sit down and gave her a gentle kiss as he sat down next to her.

SKYFIRE: Do you want to talk about it?

She collapsed onto the couch with Chythar sliding onto the cushion next to her. The kiss was more soothing than he knew and she closed her eyes, focusing the bulk of her attention on evening out her breathing. Once she could draw a breath without feeling like a trail of fire was lacing its way through her veins, she turned to him with a wane smile. For a long moment, she looked into his eyes, anchoring herself to reality. She was alive. She was home.

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: Do you remember our time in the other universe?

He nodded slightly and ran his hand over hers, silent as she continued. There were aspects of their time in the other universe that he’d rather forget, but couldn’t for a few reasons. He not only remembered, but he knew full well that trying to press information out of her was a stupid idea that would end badly for him. As such, he’d learned long ago to let her tell the story her way and to be silent.

ROSEK: ::sobers:: You know we’ve both been through hell in our careers, but--so many innocents lost.

The moisture began to build in her eyes at the memory and she reached for him, clinging to his shirt as she took comfort in his presence. Before him, she would have been left alone to process what had happened to her and its significance. But there was a comfort in knowing that he understood better than anyone how seeing so many lives taken affected her. She didn’t have to hide it. Though the vulnerability was uncomfortable, it was also freeing in a way.

He nodded slowly and wrapped his arms around her in a protective embrace, letting her take as much time as she needed before speaking again.

Madeline Rosek
The adopted daughter of Lael Rosek & Chythar Skyfire, a 12 year old civilian girl.
Maddy is a civilian child who currently resides on the USS Atlantis. Lael's friend, Abigail, died in the other 'verse, her will designating Lael as a secondary guardian should Abigail's mother be unable to perform her duties. Abigail's mother passed a few months after Lael's return from the other 'verse, leaving the young child in her care. Lael recently went through a custody battle with Maddy's biological father, Laman Zeram, and was forced via blackmail to give Maddy into her father's care.

ROSEK: ::helps Maddy off the biobed:: Come along, honey. Let’s get you some dinner. Uncle Chythar and Aunt Dassa need to work.

MADDY: Okay. Can I have pizza?

ROSEK: ::smiles:: I think we can arrange that. What kind?

MADDY: The one with hams and pineapples on it.

ROSEK: ::nods and smiles:: I’ll program it into the replicator if I have to. Say thank you to Dassa.

MADDY: ::to Dassa:: Thank you, Aunt Dassa, for checking me.

The Newest Crewmember Part III, 2394


Lael's pet Lupogato (Wolf cat)
Recently given to her by her father, the creature's given name means "dreamer girl" in Esperanto. It shares the traits of the Terran Lykoi, but is much stronger and has better night vision and hearing.

Nieces and Nephews

Liam Hunter
Lael's nephew, a 12 year old civilian boy.
She met her nephew for the first time after her return from the other universe. She learned that her brother's ex-girlfriend, Ava Hunter, had concealed the pregnancy, only recently allowing Kellan into Liam's life after a chance run-in with him at the hospital where Kellan was completing his residency. Though she loves her nephew, she's still building a relationship with him. The fact that she spends most of her time away from him makes that difficult.

ROSEK: Oh, Liam, sweetie...I’m so sorry I ran off without saying hello.

LIAM: ::hugs her back:: It’s okay. You were sad.

ROSEK: ::smiles wanly:: You’re sweet. Thank you.

Homecoming Part II, 2394
Extended Family

Maternal Grandparents


Adric Rosek, Deceased at age 80 in the line of duty, Space Navy Admiral
Maternal grandfather

Her maternal grandfather often doted on her as a child. The two had a special relationship until his death shortly following Lael's graduation. He was very proud of her when she received her acceptance letter to Starfleet Academy and was her inspiration.


Amelia (Tretts) Rosek, Age 87, Botanist on Alpha Centauri
Maternal grandmother

Despite Lael's close relationship with her maternal grandfather, she and Amelia didn't get along. She hasn't seen Amelia since being assigned to the Victory.

Maternal Aunts and Uncles


Thomas DeMarcus, Age 67, Bar Owner
Uncle (By Marriage)

Thomas is a retired bar owner on Earth. When she was younger, Lael would spend summers on her Uncle's farm helping with chores and caring for the animals. She and her Uncle are fairly close.


Louise Rosek-DeMarcus, Age 62, 3rd grade teacher
Maternal Aunt (By Blood)

Louise is a 3rd grade teacher on Earth. When she was younger, Lael would spend summers on her Uncle's farm helping with chores and caring for the animals. She and her Aunt are fairly close.

Rosek Cousins


Chloe DeMarcus, Age 29, Starfleet Officer
First Cousin

Chloe is a Communications/Operations Officer serving aboard the USS Ticonderoga.


Camile DeMarcus, Age 29, Starfleet Officer
First Cousin

Camile is a Medical Officer serving aboard the USS Braveheart.


Abigail DeMarcus, Age 31, Architect
First Cousin

Abigail is an architect currently residing on Earth.

Paternal Grandparents


Eliam Desai, Age 93, Councilmember
Paternal grandfather

Having not known her father for most of her life, she only recently met her grandfather. Despite his no-nonsense appearance, he has a great sense of humor and a warm personality. He and Lael connected instantly when she visited Luraul after meeting Aldek.


Nioni (Laran) Desai, Age 91, Healer
Paternal grandmother

Having not known her father for most of her life, she only recently met her grandmother. Nioni is a very friendly woman with a ready smile and is very protective of her family. While Lael was on Luraul, she taught her a few things about the healing arts. Nioni is known for her Horned Longfish stew, which she makes for the family's Komuneco Vivo (Communion with Life) celebration each year.

Paternal Aunts and Uncles


Leeni (Desai) Obercrun
Paternal Aunt


Eren Obercrun
Paternal Uncle


Elgan Desai
Paternal Uncle


Mari (Jai'hi) Desai
Paternal Aunt

Desai Cousins


Syri (Nahir) Obercrun


Alen Obercrun


Caie (Pilak) Obercrun


Andan Desai


Cora (Soje) Desai


Feri Desai

Desai Second Cousins


Neric Ubercrun
Second Cousin


Jesi Ubercrun
Second Cousin


Jesia Desai
Second Cousin


Uzan Desai
Second Cousin


Rano Desai
Second Cousin


Braka Desai
Second Cousin



Close Friendships


Close Friend

Lephi is currently Chief Engineer serving aboard the USS Chin'toka. The two met while serving aboard the USS Atlantis together. For a time, their relationship was purely professional. However, after working side by side, they have developed a bond of trust that has recently extended to off-duty. Lephi asked Lael to be the maid of honor for her wedding and Lael asked Lephi to be hers. Frank honesty and trust are the foundation of their friendship and Lael knows she can go to Lephi if she needs honest feedback and answers.

Toryn Raga.png

Toryn Raga
Close Friend

Toryn is currently serving as a security officer USS Atlantis. She got to know him after her father gave her his contact information, saying that Toryn was the son of one of his Haemachuo siblings and suggesting that he and Lael might get along well. After their brief first conversation, Lael found herself sorting through an unexplained, intense attraction to Toryn. Though the two had a brief period where they began exploring a non-platonic relationship, they eventually decided to just stay friends. Despite the hurt that lingers between them as a result of Lael ending their romantic association, they have begun to push past that and Lael considers him to be a trustworthy friend.


Anjar Thoran
Close Friend

Anjar is currently a Starfleet Security Officer serving aboard the USS Chin'toka as a Warp Field Specialist. The two met while serving aboard the USS Gorkon together. Following Lael's break-up with Jansen, they had a series of intimate encounters, but are still friends.


Dassa Alexander
Close Friend

Dassa is currently a Starfleet Medical Officer serving aboard the USS Veritas. The two met through Lael's friend, Elina Kincade, and had a one-night stand that resulted in a psionic bond. The two remain friends.

3323375 31dde9b9-7bca-496e-93f1-c09aa6505214-nicole-de-boer-thumbnail 100 110 2048.jpg

Elina Kincade
Close Friend

Elina is a former Starfleet officer who currently works as a private care nurse on Earth. Elina and Lael met during Lael's stay at Starfleet Medical for her spinal injury. Elina was Lael's supervising nurse. The two remain close friends to this day.


Jocelyn Marshall
Close Friend

Jocelyn Marshall is currently the First Officer of the USS Gorkon. The two met while serving together aboard the Gorkon and bonded over their shared experiences in an alternate universe during the Gorkon's "Horrible Year". They quickly found they shared a sarcastic, witty sense of humor and Lael was surprised at how easy it was for the two of them to joke around together. Though their duties keep them busy, they are still in regular contact and remain close friends.




Mei'konda was the first officer of her assigned ship. Lael and Mei'konda met while serving aboard the USS Veritas. From the beginning, Mei'konda was a source of support for Lael, making her feel like a respected member of the Veritas crew. He was always open to discussing her future aboard the Veritas and provided an example of a good which Lael continues to learn from each day. With her change in roles serving as his first officer aboard the USS Montreal, the nature of their interactions has changed and she is much more comfortable joking with him. Despite their shared experiences and the trust that was built in their time as a command team, there is still a boundary between them due to his rank.


Elizabeth Snow

Elizabeth is currently the Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Chin'toka. The two met while serving together aboard the USS Chin'toka. Though the two had served together for a time, the real catalyst that began their friendship outside of duty was the situation on Eladar IV where the two along with Noa Levinson were taken hostage. Through this experience and fighting side by side against Caraadian forces attempting to invade the planet, the two have developed a growing respect and trust. She is to be the maid of honor for Elizabeth's wedding to Lephi.

Lt Noa.png

Noa T'Nessa Levinson

Noa is currently the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Chin'toka. The two met while serving together aboard the USS Chin'toka. Though the two had served together for a time, the real catalyst that began their friendship outside of duty was the situation on Eladar IV where the two along with Elizabeth Snow were taken hostage. Through this experience and fighting side by side against Caraadian forces attempting to invade the planet, the two have developed a growing respect and trust.


Orson Marshall
Former Lover, Friend

Orson "Bear" Marshall is currently serving as an Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Gorkon. The two met the night Lael got into a drunken bat'leth battle with a Klingon who had spilled her drink. She won the fight, impressing Bear. They flirted and began an on-off sexual relationship. What started out as no strings attached quickly became complicated when the two developed romantic feelings for one another, which neither of them was ready for. They struggled with their feelings for years before they finally ended the non-platonic component of their relationship. Despite the awkwardness, the two remain good friends, happy with other people.


Cory Stoyer

Cory is a Helm/Comm/Ops officer aboard the USS Gorkon. The two met while serving under Captain Nugra aboard the USS Victory and became friends when Cory joined the self-defense sessions Lael was providing for Chythar Skyfire. The three spent off-duty time practicing together. Lael and Cory became good friends during their time serving together.

Alora deveau2.png

Alora DeVeau

Alora is First Officer serving aboard Starbase 118 Ops. The two met while serving aboard the USS Za. She admired the woman's maturity and responsibility, particularly in the handling of the Hocktin incident.


T'Katt Dugoras

Though her main relationship with him began with him as her counselor, she's gotten to know him and considers him to be trustworthy outside of his role as her counselor. She enjoys talking to him outside of duty and finds his company pleasant. The two have kept in touch since he took an LOA from Starfleet for personal reasons.


Evan Delano

Lael and Evan Delano met while serving aboard the Veritas. She had been experiencing difficulties controlling her emotions and her abilities, so she went to him. He taught her meditation and other techniques that allowed her to begin coping with the extent of her abilities.

Rebecca at 26.jpg

Rebecca Hollendale

Rebecca is a former Starfleet Security/Tactial Officer who currently works as a martial arts instructor on Earth. Lael and Rebecca met through Elina. Though the two often disagree on certain issues, they're good friends nonetheless.


Alex Blair

Alex is formerly served as First Officer aboard the USS Constitution. The two met through Lael's friend, Chythar, and enjoyed a close friendship until recent events caused a great deal of strain. However, when Alex was overcome by the Hocktin virus during a mission to the Hocktin homeworld, despite her own illness, she ensured he returned safely to the USS Za. She was saddened by his transfer to the USS Constitution, but was happy for the opportunities it provided him. However, the two haven't spoken much since his transfer.

Lael security ensign.png

Michael Goodwell
Estranged Friend

Michael is a Starfleet Security/Tactial Officer who is currently on a temporary leave of absence. The two met on the Victory when Lael was trying to charm her way in to see Janel (who had gone AWOL and was confined to quarters when he returned). They became estranged following Abigail Young's death as he blamed her for it and the two haven't spoken since Lael was transferred to the USS Veritas.


Abigail Young
Deceased Friend

Abigail was a Starfleet Nurse's Assistant who served aboard the USS Gorkon. The two met while serving aboard the USS Victory and subsequently served aboard the Gorkon together until Abigail's death during the Anuus Horribilis mission in 2393.

Aleya Thompson.png

Aleya Thompson
Estranged Friend

Aleya is a Starfleet Science Officer who is currently on a temporary leave of absence. The two met while serving aboard the USS Victory and subsequently became friends. They served together through the decommissioning of the USS Za. The two haven't spoken since Lael was transferred to the USS Veritas.



Sky Blake

Though the two had worked aboard the USS Veritas together for a year, Lael hadn't interacted with Sky on a personal level until the other woman called Engineering requesting that someone fix the power issues in her quarters. The two talked and Lael invited Sky to hang out off-duty sometime.



Serala is the First Officer of the USS Chin'toka. Lael first encountered Serala at Captain Brell's promotion party in April of 2395, though the two didn't hold their first real conversation until Lael was assigned to the Atlantis years later as an Engineer. Though a certain level of tension still exists between them and Lael often isn't quite sure how to react to or approach Serala at times, the Romulan woman has earned Lael's respect and loyalty through Serala's professionalism and her dedication to her crew.

Romantic Liaisons


Engaged to Chythar Skyfire (See Spouse)





German Galven
Former Romantic Interest

Lael met German after returning to the USS Veritas following the custody hearing when she visited the Officer's Lounge one evening. He approached her at the bar and began flirting with her. She has seen and interacted with him on several occasions, including when he walked into her holodeck program of Mackinac Island. However, the two have since ended their romance and haven't spoken since.

LtJG Jonathan Cumar.png

Jonathan Cumar

Jon and Lael first met when he walked in on her kicking the stuffing out of a punching bag. After a sparring match and some talking, Jon asked her out on a date. Lael formed an attachment to Jon surprisingly quickly. Though the two are still in the beginning stages of their relationship, they have taken the step of defining what exists between them and are now exclusively seeing one another.

JOrrey Red Uniform.png

Jansen Orrey

Jansen is currently on a leave of absence from Starfleet. He previously served as a Counselor and a Medical Officer. The two met while serving aboard the USS Gorkon and friends after Lael visited Sickbay one night for something to help her sleep. Since then, they have continued to grow closer and enjoy one another's company. The two had a romance and were engaged at one point, but the engagement ended when Lael thought Jansen was breaking up with her.


Janel Tarna
Former Lover, Friend

Janel was a Medical Officer who served aboard the USS Gorkon and whose last assignment prior to his death was the USS Darwin-A. Lael and Janel developed feelings for one another while both were held captive and tortured by a Romulan organization, Sicarius, at Temlai. They dated for a period even after Janel was transferred, but mutually ended the relationship due to the distance.


Jensar Berel, Age 43, Betazoid Councilmember

Jensar is a Betazoid Councilmember who currently resides on Betazed. Lael and Jensar were together for six months before they eloped despite protests from both families. They were married for six months until they chose to divorce when Jensar’s older brother died and he was forced to return to Betazed to take his brother’s post with the Council.




Alva Tigan, Age 34, Joined Trill Merchant
Former Lover, Friend

Alva is a traveling merchant. Lael’s relationship with Alva was purely sexual and lasted for a period of six months until Alva's Joining.


Ivina Genestra, Age 44, Scientist
Former Lover, Friend

Ivina is a scientist who currently resides on Betazed. Despite their chemistry, Lael realized that she loved Ivina, but wasn’t in love with her. They’re now friends.

Professional Relationships

USS Victory

Nugra gornspacenavy.png


Nugra is not presently serving as a Starfleet officer and is instead representing the Gorn Space Navy aboard the USS Constitution-B. The two met while Lael was serving as an HCO officer aboard the USS Victory. Despite initially being somewhat intimidated by him, Lael came to highly respect him.


Ayiana Sevo

Ayiana is currently serving as Mission Specialist of the USS Gorkon. The two met while serving aboard the USS Gorkon. She always liked Sevo's no-nonsense attitude and, though the two didn't know one another extremely well when Lael left the Gorkon, Lael is fond of her.

USS Gorkon

Quinn (Circle Crop).png

Quinn Reynolds

Reynolds is a Starfleet Captain of the USS Gorkon. The two met while Lael was serving as an HCO officer aboard the Gorkon.


Alucard Vess

Alucard last served as a Protective Operations Officer aboard the USS Gorkon. The two met while serving aboard the USS Gorkon. One of the things she enjoyed most about Alucard was his quirky, yet sincere sense of humor. He often made her laugh.


Keelah Rhani.jpg

Keelah Rhani

Rhani is a Starfleet Captain. The two met while serving aboard the USS Za.

USS Veritas


Roshanara Rahman

Rahman is a Starfleet Captain. Lael and Rahman met while serving aboard the USS Veritas. Lael has a high level of respect for Rahman and her command style. She considers the other woman to be a source of support both on a personal and professional level. Though the two don't participate in social activities outside of duty, Lael enjoys the woman's company. Because of the respect she has for Rahman, she sees the woman as a role model and someone to emulate.


Luna Walker
Acquaintance/Colleague/Direct Superior

Walker was Chief Engineer and Lael's direct supervisor. Lael and Walker met while serving aboard the USS Veritas. The two butted heads in Lael's early days, but the two grew to respect one another professional and, to a certain extent, on a personal level. They frequently joked with each other while on duty.

USS Montreal



The two first met when they were serving together aboard the USS Veritas, but didn't interact much outside of duty until the USS Montreal. Lael opened up to Solok, seeking his professional opinion on handling difficulties with possibly returning depression and difficulty sleeping.

Harkrow STO.PNG

Jacob Harkrow

Femi Cattan.png

Femi Cattan

Tkatt dugoras.jpg

Kawakame Shin

The two first met when serving together aboard the USS Montreal. She quickly grew to admire and respect the young officer's dedication to his duty and even supported the idea of his promotion to full Lieutenant when speaking with Mei'konda. Though their contact since she stepped down as the Astraeus's first officer has been limited, she still checks in on him every so often.

Grog Sickbay.png

Beelam Grog


Miskre Swenhart

USS Astraeus

USS Atlantis

USS Chin'toka