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Crew of the USS Montreal

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Lieutenant JG Shin Kawakame

“The best diplomat I know is a fully charged phaser bank. -Montgomery Scott, 2267”

Lieutenant JG Kawakame Shin is a security/tactical officer serving aboard the USS Montreal


  • Full Name: Kawakame Shin
  • Date of Birth: 236807.14
  • Species: Human (Japanese)
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
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Professional History

Starfleet Academy

When Shin turned twenty he joined the Starfleet Academy and after a few setbacks, he managed to graduate and receive assignment aboard the USS Wyoming.


Shin served on the USS Wyoming for three years. He got himself noticed by his superiors through his performance on duty and excellent attendance record, which led to him receiving his first promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Not long into serving as an LTJG he was offered a position as a Security/Tactical officer on board the USS Montreal, which was assigned to a very unique area of space known as the Shoals. With a natural inclination to explore and a fascination with new discoveries he quickly agreed to the new assignment, hoping it would lead him to great adventures.

Personal History

Shin was born in Kyoto, Japan, and lived there for the first ten years of his life. During his first ten years, he found himself running around with the thugs of his school despite his wealthy and cushioned lifestyle. His mother died in a transit accident during a shipping run just before he turned eleven, after that he and his father sold all their property and spent their time traveling the world.

During this time he matured greatly and developed a drive for adventure. His father met a woman from Texas, North America, the two of them got married his new stepmother and stepsister joined them as they continued to travel around the world. When he turned seventeen their funds ran short and they returned to Texas, North America and settled down.


Shin is an outspoken and somewhat grossly overconfident person. He is fiercely loyal and honest, living up to a sort of personal Bushido code. He has a strong fascination with adventure and enjoys conflict just as much as peace. He is serious in times of crisis, however; and has proven himself to be a flexible and trustworthy officer.

Shin has a great interest in a variety of current sports as well as the old Terran game Basketball. [1] He plays sports of all kinds anytime he has the opportunity and can be highly competitive, even picking out "rivals" in his own mind while competing when encountered with another talented player. His interest in sports extends to martial sports, and he has trained whenever and wherever he could throughout his life, allowing him to acquire an incomplete but unique set of knowledge and skills.

  • His physical capabilities and his affinity for tactics are the driving forces behind his choices of security and tactical positions in his career, and these coupled with his confidence and love of adventure are the driving forces behind his desire to reach command and attain the rank of captain for himself one day.

Living in Texas, North America, for so long made him develop a strange accent that he does not enjoy people pointing out.

Shin's diet consists mostly of fresh and saltwater fish, poultry, rice, a wide assortment of vegetables and nut's, water, tea, and a healthy portion of wine and sake. He does not eat very many fruits but does enjoy juice drinks from time to time.

  • His favorite dish his father's Chankonabe stew recipe. [2]

Physical Description

Shin is an average build Japanese man and is extremely fit and healthy. He has short brown hair and dark brown eyes, he also has a mustache and small beard.

  • Build
    • Athletic
  • Height
    • 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm
  • Weight
    • 67 kg or 148 lbs

Habits and Abilities


  • Shin has a tendency to think highly of himself, even in his failures and faults.


  • Shin is a decent shot with firearms.
  • He has trained in many degrees in a variety of martial arts throughout his life.
    • Among these martial arts was:
      • Jiu-Jitsu. [3]
      • Taekwondo. [4]
      • Judo. [5]
      • Sumo Wrestling. (Basics) [6]
      • Boxing. [7]


As a Youth

  • As a child, Shin had a bad reputation. He would often ignore authority figures and was always getting into trouble for fighting and pulling pranks.
  • As he traveled the world with his father until the age of seventeen he quickly developed a more healthy attitude.

As an Adult

  • As a young adult he was well known for his energy and determination, he was always active, and always working towards a goal.


Universal Agreement Gnosticism

  • Shin loosely practices Universal Agreement Gnosticism which is derived from a variety of ancient and modern religious ideas and systems, originating in Jewish-Christian milieux in the first and second century AD on earth and broadened by the systems and involvement of other sentient species such as the Vulcans, Denobulans and Bajorans.
Full Article: Universal Agreement Gnosticism

Notes, and Trivia

  • The name Kawakame was derived from the name Kawakami with the "i" being replaced with an "e" to form the word Kame a the end in honor of Master Roshi [8] and the Kamehameha wave.
  • The name Shin was borrowed from the main character in the Japanese comic series Area 88. [9]
  • The actor used for the character picture of Kawakame Shin is Steven Yuen. [10]

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