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This was the first mission of Lael's career and possibly one of the most significant given that the reason she was dropped from the Command track was due to her reaction to holovideos and descriptions of torture during an Academy class. She and a colleague, Janel Tarna, were held prisoner by a Romulan rebel faction (Sicarius) for three days. While imprisoned, they were tortured for information and drugged with an agent that reduced their ability to reason and heightened emotions in hopes that they would be persuaded to modify the Skyfire Virus for Sicarius's purposes. She was also sexually violated by her captors.

However, she managed to fight through her fears, anxieties, and the drug that was muddling her ability to think and work with Janel to form an escape plan. It was during this time that she killed for the first time to protect and save Janel's life. This particular mission, despite the psychological scarring she still carries from it, earned her the respect of her Captain and colleagues. She was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and received a Prisoner of War Ribbon, a Silver Lifesaving Ribbon, and a Purple Heart for her courageous actions in the face of life-threatening circumstances.

This would set the tone for her career, her actions and choices dictated by a strong self-sacrifice mentality where she would place greater value on the lives of her colleagues and innocents than her own.

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While a part of the Victory crew, Lael had her first encounter with the Tholians. Captain Nugra had received a tip from space pirate Harrington James of the SS Lady Adventure that a Starfleet ship, the USS Arrow, was floating abandoned in space. They went to the coordinates only to discover that the ship was deep in Tholian space. Away teams beamed over to investigate. However, the ship had, unbeknownst to the crew, been caught in a faraday field, making them easy prey for the Tholians.

She was working with Tarsii Asmara on a way to free the ship when the Tholians attacked with Tholian webs that caused radiation leaks on decks 5-7. Lael reported to help evacuate and treat affected crewmembers, but somehow tore her EVA suit, exposing her to the radiation. She continued evacuating the decks and once everyone was safe, she received a radiation inoculation, but had a seizure and fell into a coma. She awoke later in Sickbay after the mission had been completed.

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Shortly after her spinal replacement surgery, Lael followed her transfer orders with Dassa and Chythar to the USS Za where Alex was already waiting. Not long after her arrival, she reported for her first duty shift on the bridge where she was a part of first contact with a bear-like race called the Hocktin. Lael was assigned to Alex's team to help with setting up a ship to ship network to exchange information. However, the mission quickly went sour when a crewmember was bitten by a flea-like creature and was exposed to a deadly virus.

To make matters worse, Lael and Alex were bitten while aboard the Hocktin vessel and Captain Rhani her team were taken hostage by a militaristic faction. The situation was further exacerbated when Hocktin scientist Professor Mindor beamed aboard without following proper quarantine procedures and exposed the whole ship to the virus. Lael and Alex learned that the Captain had been taken and they had to fight against time to get a blood sample from the immune Hocktin to save the crew and locate the Captain before the disease reached its final stage. The energy they expended in their efforts took a severe toll on them both and they barely returned to the Za in time to receive the cure the Medical team had synthesized.

This particular incident was one of the turning points of Lael's career, offering her the first taste of leadership. It showed her superiors what she was capable of under pressure. Though the topic still makes her extremely uncomfortable, it has made her more cautious about similar situations.

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Lael did extensive research in an attempt to combine organic and mechanical components to replace her permanently damaged spine, using the mechanical components to repair wear-and-tear damage that occurred as a result of everyday activity with hopes of slowing down the damage to extend the life of the spinal replacement. Once completed, her article was published in the Starfleet Medical Journal, Daystrom Institute Journal, and the Journal of the Daystrom Institute, earning her the title of Doctor.

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Her first mission aboard the USS Veritas was a challenging one in many respects. While on Antor II, the mines she and the Engineering team were working in collapsed, trapping Commander Luna Walker and Lieutenant Anjar Thoran behind a wall of rock. The two were eventually rescued, but the incident left Lael shaken. During a briefing that included the Antor II governor via comm, Lael became very upset and emotional when Luna suggested sending more teams down into the mines. The disagreement became so heated that Captain Rahman had to cut them off.

When the briefing was over, Captain Rahman called both women into her ready room for a dress-down regarding their unprofessional behavior. Lael was extremely embarrassed once she'd calmed down enough to realize the full magnitude of her mistake. Despite the tension that remained between her and Luna for a time afterwards, the two women were able to overcome it and become trusted colleagues to the point that they felt comfortable joking with one another. It was a lesson for Lael in the time and place to question a superior officer's decision as well as in overcoming negative first impressions.

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Shortly after her promotion to Lieutenant Commander, Lael was asked to lead an Engineering team aboard the USS Astraeus, a large Galaxy-class ship that became "stuck" after attempting to use high warp in a tetryon radiation-dense region. However, soon after the away team arrived, the ship was boarded by pirates. With internal comms on the fritz, Lael and both the medical and Engineering teams were trapped on the bridge unable to communicate with Commander Kelrod and his team.

In an effort to preserve the ship's power, she assigned Anjar and Taz to reinforce the existing forcefield protecting the bridge with a portable generator beamed over from the USS Veritas. As the Engineering team is working, a group of intruders is able to break through the weakened forcefield, shooting Lael in the shoulder and injuring a few others, Lieutenant Cumar among them. He took a hit jumping in front of Lael to protect her from a second shot. In the scuffle, a transport inhibitor was activated, preventing the teams from beaming out. Also, the intruders hit a panel that closed the blast doors, stopping the teams from gaining access to engineering. When they hit the panel, the intruders caused a radiation leak that the Medical teams had to treat with radiation inoculations.

Lael was ready to take hers when a man began seizing, leaving Chythar with no choice but to treat him with the last dose of anti-seizure meds. Without those anti-seizure meds prior to her radiation inoculation, Lael risked becoming incapacitated and possibly entering a coma due to her allergy. She urged the teams to focus on disabling the transport inhibitor and deactivating the blast doors to get them into Engineering.

Once the transport inhibitor was disabled, they received supplies that allowed Lael to take the radiation inoculation. The next step was to take back Engineering. With the blast doors open, they made their way inside. But they were met with resistance from the intruders and weapons' fire was exchanged. In the end, they managed to regain control of Engineering. While Chythar was beamed back to the Veritas after taking a shot to the leg, the rest of the team cleared Engineering and got to work setting things up to tow the Astraeus out.

Shortly after Chythar was beamed to safety, Lieutenant Cumar discovered a bomb inside the warp core. Lael called in Commander Kelrod and his team to disable it. Using the innovative strategy of cryofreezing, his team was able to stop the clock long enough to beam it off the ship. While the Security team secured the prisoners and beamed them back to the ship, Lael and her team prepared the Astraeus to be towed from the Shoals.

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Following her return from Earth and the conclusion of the Omega Paradox mission, Lael is awarded the permanent role of Chief Engineer. [1] Her first official act was to discuss with Captain Rahman the possibility of Taz becoming her assistant. Up until that point, ,she'd been mentoring the young woman and, seeing Taz's passion, wanted to step into a formal advisory role if the young woman wanted to pursue a career in Engineering and with Starfleet.

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The Veritas was scheduled to meet with the Montreal to transfer Lieutenant Commander Sky Blake. However, the vessel arrived early at the rendezvous badly damaged with Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng seriously injured. Commander Mei'konda was instructed to take command of the vessel and Lael was ordered to gather a team to aid with repairs. Not long afterward, Mei'konda invited Lael to his ready room and offered her the position of first officer. Stunned, she accepted. Her first official act was to recommend Lieutenant Anjar Thoran as Acting Chief Engineer in her place. [2]

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Emotional by nature, Lael's patience and control was put to the ultimate test during communications with Lenik, a Reya-laia-lara extremist and murderer. He demanded she either evacuate the crew and turn the vessel over to him or he would detonate their ship's warp core. Such an explosion would cause serious damage to the nearby capital and would result in many lost lives. Faced with a choice, she stood her ground and replied with a threat of her own: "You'll find that I'm not known for offering second chances. Lower your shields or we'll lower them for you. Either way ends with you in our brig." [3] Lenik persisted with his demands and threats. In the end, she cut the comm, seeing no point in entertaining a psychopath.

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The Montreal arrived in orbit of Karakka and discovered the remains of Lenik's crashed Miran's Tifar. Commander Mei'konda tasked Lael with taking a team down to the planet to investigate. While down on the planet, Lael split the team in two and assigned Lieutenant Delar to study the eastern edge of the crash while she took Lieutenants Shin and Stennin as well as Crewman Padix to study the western edge. Not long after arriving at their end, Lael left her team to study some strange readings she was getting. By the time she realized she'd been fooled, it was too late. Colonel Rilaw, the Klingon in league with Lenik, attacked and she was forced to defend herself. She managed to give the Klingon woman a bloody nose before she was jabbed in the neck with a syringe and fell unconscious. [4]

When she awoke, she was on board the SS Belfast as Lenik's prisoner. After being slapped across the face and having a metal pole slammed into her weak leg by Rilaw, she was left alone with Lenik. He then engaged in a mind-meld with her in an attempt to extract the Montreal's command codes. The invasion caused her to relive several painful moments from her past, including a particularly scarring incident involving a childhood bully. Though she managed to escape, she was left with remnants of Lenik's katra in her mind.[5]

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On Stardate 239611.24, when the USS Astraeus's senior staff were reassigned, Lael chose to step down as first officer in order to receive treatment on Vulcan for the psychological attack she endured at the hands of Lenik. Following a month at the T'Reth Monastery, she returned to Earth where she was offered a position as an Academy Engineering instructor.


After several months on Earth, she received orders for assignment to the USS Atlantis as an Engineer, bringing her newly adopted daughter, Maddy, with her. This put some strain on her relationship with Chythar Skyfire, but he eventually received orders and joined her aboard the newly commissioned USS Chin'toka.


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