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A race of bear-like aliens from the planet Hocktin who made first contact with the crew of the USS Za. During a meeting with them on the Za, Captain Rhani learned that the world was divided into two factions: those from Justio and those from Kranstin. When problems crop up with the information exchange, Captain Rhani takes an Engineering team to set up a ship to ship network. While on the Hocktin vessel UHS Pathfinder, commanded by General Kzan, Captain Rhani learns that one of the crew who had come into contact with a member of the Hocktin species has been bitten by a flea-like creature that carried a lethal virus, later deemed the Hocktin virus by the science team who create the cure for the virus.

Known Hocktin

  • President Longza: Leader of the Hocktin
  • General Kzan: Commander of the UHS Pathfinder
  • Professor Mindor: Scientist who designed the UHS Pathfinder
  • Field Marshall Numiz II: A Justio military commander and leader of the Justio Warcouncil
  • Commander Cjnur: A highly ranked Justio science officer on the UHS Pathfinder
  • Varn: An officer on the UHS Pathfinder