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USS Chin'toka
MaddySkyfire Age10.png
Madeline Abigail Skyfire
Position Civilian Child
Rank Civilian
Species El-Aurian/Terran
Gender Female
DOB 238809.16
Age 12
Birthplace Everett, Washington, Earth
Writer ID I238110RH0

Madeline Skyfire is the adopted daughter of Lael Rosek-Skyfire and Chythar Skyfire, who currently resides with her parents at Shemsh Colony.


  • Height: 5'1
  • Weight: 90lbs
  • Hair: Sandy blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Skinny



  • Biological Father: Laman Zeram, Deceased, Scientist
  • Biological Mother: Abigail Young, Deceased, Nurse’s Assistant

  • Adoptive Father: Chythar Skyfire, 38, Starfleet Medical Officer
  • Adoptive Mother: Lael Rosek-Skyfire, 31, Starfleet Mission Specialist



  • Godparents:
    • Dassa Alexander-Dalton, 40, Doctor
    • Tobian Dalton, 50, Counselor


Madeline was born on Stardate 239909.16 to parents Abigail Young and Laman Zeram in Everett, Washington on Earth. Her father was absent at the time of her birth and due to her mother's career in Starfleet, she was raised by her grandmother for most of her life. However, this changed dramatically when her mother was killed in the line of duty and her grandmother passed not long after. Maddy's mother had left a stipulation in her will that Lael Rosek become Maddy's guardian if Maddy's grandmother passed. After a hearing, Lael was granted guardianship of Maddy. However, Maddy's father soon came back into the picture and began a battle for custody of his daughter. In the end, Maddy was given to the care of her father. Not long later, her father also passed in an accident and she was eventually officially adopted by Lael and Chythar Skyfire. She currently lives with her recently married adoptive parents aboard the USS Chin'toka. She has aspirations to be a doctor when she grows up, just like her adoptive father.


  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading science journals, playing doctor with her dolls, xenobiology
  • Likes: Chocolate ice cream, pizza, school, helping others, playing the piano
  • Dislikes: Clutter, messes, Loud music or noises
  • Ambitions and Goals: To be a doctor
  • Temperament: Sensitive, compassionate, generally happy, adventurous

Maddy's Holophoto Album


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